FILM 1F94 BU City of God Bowling for Columbine & Do the Right Thing Q&As

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Course syllabus is provided for context behind course readings, lecture content, class material.

Please note:due the late deadline of this assignment, and the final deadline for the submission of course grades, there will be NO EXTENSIONS granted for this assignment. If you cannot complete the assignment on time, then you simply have the option of not submitting it all. Your final grade in the course will be based on your standing in the course up until that point.

Please respond to each of the following questions. Each individual response should be no longer than 300 words (roughly 1 page, double spaced). As such, try to be as specific as possible, and not to waste space with irrelevant material, or simple plot synopsis. Strong answers will be firmly rooted in class material, making reference to lecture content, course readings, and drawing from course films as examples.

Please respond to EACH of the following three questions.

1) Choose one of City of God; Hard Boiled; The Grand Seduction; or Persepolis; and discuss that film with respect to national cinema. What does the film “reveal” about the nation(s) in question? Are these accurate representations? How can we describe that particular film’s relationship with Hollywood, or more global film culture?

2) Choose either Weiner or Bowling for Columbine and discuss that film in relation to the Six Modes of Representation that we discussed in class. Which of the mode(s) does this film most closely align? In what ways does the film NOT align with those modes? What effect does the filmmakers’ various decisions have on the film’s sense of objectivity?

3) Choose either Mildred Pierce or Do the Right Thing, and discuss that film in terms of representation. What aspects of representation are most central in this film (ie. Race, class, gender, etc), and what is particularly notable about them? What “real world” considerations are important when assessing this film (ie. Why is the film historically significant, and how does it reflect and/or shape elements of the real world)?

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