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Facilitate Discussion of Course Readings • Students (working alone or in pairs-y

Facilitate Discussion of Course Readings
• Students (working alone or in pairs-you will sign up on a google doc posted in Brightspace) will help to facilitate class discussions of at least one set of course readings. Tools and tips to assist you to do an excellent job of this this will be provided, with the main one being DO NOT QUIZ US…rather, ENGAGE us through whatever means is most effective…response to a photo or other visual(graph perhaps), pair or small group discussion, followed by sharing, short “quick writes”, sketching or creating a visual or graphic of some kinds or any combination. You may want to employ the strategy “Numbered Heads Together”, which I will model for you. DO NOT JUST TALK AT US-engage us. COVER ALL IMPORTANT POINTS IN THE READING, BUT GO BEYOND THE READING and INCLUDE INTERESTING ADDITIONAL RELATED INFORMATION. Discuss with me if you have questions or want to brainstorm ideas for this. DO a great job of this so everyone can learn from you!!
– Attached below is the course readings on Chapter 10 of the book Life as We Know It (Can Be)
– Attached also below is an example of the presentation of a different chapter in the book 
– Please add notes on what each slide is about and main points to present that would guide me on the presentation 
– Please add videos related to the readings like the example of chapter 7 presentation i attached
– Please add discussion questions at the end 

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