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BSS060-6 Project Management Assignment- Evaluating the application of a Project Management Methodology: PRINCE2, PMBoK OR Agile (ie Choose ONE Methodology) for the assigned Project,

BSS060-6 Project Management Assignment – University of Bedfordshire, UK

Assignment Title – Project Planning Presentation

Unit learning Outcomes –

LO1 – Demonstrate a critical appreciation of project management theory and methodologies with an in depth knowledge of project management tools and techniques to define, plan and deliver successful projects in your industry/business area.

LO2 – Scope a project and select and use appropriate project management tools and techniques to design and plan a project with the aim of bringing it to successful completion.

Assessment 1 – Individual Report: Produce a feasible and cohesive project overview, and a logical and viable project plan for a given project mandate, using appropriate Project Management tools and techniques

Task – You need to produce a powerpoint project planning presentation for the given Taunton Warehouse Project Mandate.

You should include a Project Overview that includes the following: Business Drivers, Project Objectives, Expected Benefits, Estimated Cost, Estimated Timescale, Major Assumptions & Constraints.

You should include a Project Plan that includes the following:

i. Communication Plan

ii. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

iii. Activity List & Network Diagram with Critical Path identified

iv. Risk Register

You need to submit a 5 minute video presentation that includes the following: A summary of the key planning related points that are contained within the powerpoint slides.

Assessment 2 – Individual Report – Evaluating the Use and Application of Project Management Theory and Methodologies

Task – You should write a report:

Evaluating the application of a Project Management Methodology: PRINCE2, PMBoK OR Agile (ie Choose ONE Methodology) for the assigned Project, see details provided.

Your report should consider how your chosen methodology would support the project, identifying specific features and processes of the methodology which could enable the successful outcome of the assigned project.

The report should also identify any anticipated issues with using the methodology for the assigned project.

Your analysis and evaluation, must be supported by evidence, from the literature (relevant books and journal papers).

You should use the following report format: Business Report Format (see Resources below); The report should be 1.5 line-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, or Arial; Include references and a bibliography.


Project Details –

Project Name – Taunton Warehouse

Project Sponsor/Customer – Supermarket X

Client – Large Logistics Organisation

Sector/Business Unit – Food Retail

Executive Summary (brief description of situation & need for project)

Supermarket X is one of the UK’s largest food retailers with over 400 stores, and over 9 million customers per week. They employ 32,000 staff. Supermarket X seeks continued growth and requires added capacity to their supply chain, whilst reducing cost.

The client has won a five year contract to operate an 860,000 sq ft composite warehouse in Taunton, Somerset, England, on behalf of Supermarket X.

All Taunton building & property fit out will be the responsibility of Supermarket X, and they will pay all site running costs.

All IT will be the responsibility of Supermarket X.

All delivery and trunking vehicles will be provided my Supermarket X.

All Manual Handling Equipment, transport and warehouse fixtures and fitting will be provided by Supermarket X.

In the longer term your client will be responsible for:

1. Operating the warehouse

2. Operating the transport , including routing & scheduling

3. Administrative back office functions

4. Recruitment and training of warehouse operatives

5. Recruitment and training of drivers

6. Recruitment and training of administration colleagues

7. Site transport operation

8. Vehicle maintenance unit


The Taunton site represents the final link in Supermarket X’s infrastructure rationalisation policy. The following operations are planned to close and move, to the new site:

1. Chipping Sodbury – (400 FTE staff) ambient, produce & bread operation. This is a Supermarket X leased site, operated by the client. (59 miles from Taunton). This site was has been running for 5 yrs. This site uses a high percentage of agency staff

2. Worcester – (200 FTE staff) chill. This is a freehold site, operated by the client (105 miles from Taunton). This site has been open for 20+ years. Many of the colleagues and managers are long serving, with the majority working for your client for more than 10 yrs. There is a history of poor industrial relations at this site over a number of years. Agency staff are used as a top up only in peak periods. A number of years ago there was a large fuel leak on the site which has contaminated the ground under the concrete yard slab.

3. Bristol – (75 FTE staff) Vehicle Maintenance Unit and Resource Recovery Unit (recycling of plastic and cardboard). This is a Supermarket X leased site (mainly mothballed) operated by the client, (47 miles from Taunton). This site has been in operation as a vehicle maintenance unit for more than 5 years. The recycle Centre is made up of agency colleagues and managers employed by your client. It has been in operation for 5 years

4. Cirencester – (200 FTE staff) Ambient only. Supermarket X leased site operated by the client, (89 miles from Taunton).This site has been operating for 3 yrs. Agency staff are used as a top up only in peak periods.

5. Yeovil – (100 FTE staff) Chill/Frozen operation. Third party owned & operated site. (27 miles from Taunton). This site has been operated for more than 20 years. Its refrigeration plant is old and inefficient. The site will be sold to be re-developed after the operation has moved. This site has changed ownership several times over the last few years, though keeping the same customer.

Each of the above sites has separate site terms and conditions for the colleagues.

Project Objectives – Implementation of the following whilst ensuring that there is zero impact on service to customers:

1. Recruitment – new and migration of existing colleagues and management (where possible)

2. Migration of ambient, chill and frozen from 4 sites to Taunton;

3. Start-up of Vehicle Maintenance Unit and Resource Recovery Unit at Taunton;

4. Closure of old sites;

5. TUPE transfer of 100 colleagues at the third party site in Yeovil;

Resources –

Project Team Structure – Your group are the Project Managers for this project and will be accountable for the successful delivery of the Project Objectives.

Budget – £3.5 million for client costs.

Timescale – Proposed Time Frame (assume today is March 2020)

i. The Taunton site build started at the beginning of 2020.

ii. The build to be completed by end Sept 2020.

iii. The project starts in March 2020.

iv. The first site / sites should be migrated pre-Christmas with the remainder being phased in post 2020 peak, in 2021.

v. The project should aim to be completed with all operations in and old sites exited and closed by end April 2021.

Constraints – It is anticipated that there will be the requirement for around 1000 full time employees. Supermarket X wish to retain as much trained labour as possible, and are hoping a high proportion of management staff may transfer to Taunton. However, the current client sites are some distance away from Taunton, so this may impact transfer. There would be a requirement under TUPE for 100 operatives at the third party site at Yeovil to be offered a move to Taunton.

Key Deliverables from your team –

1. Scope Statement & Business Case

2. Organisation Chart for the project

3. Communication Plan

4. Work Breakdown Structure

5. Activity List

6. Gantt Chart – Overall Plan for the project showing which order you propose to move each operation to the new site at Taunton

7. Network Analysis & Critical path

8. £3.5 million budget plan

9. Risk Register

10. Quality Plan.

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