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Essay 2/Comparison-Contrast Essay 100 Possible Points

For this assignment you will upload a Comparison-Contrast essay wherein you either compare and contrast OR simply compare or simply contrast one of the following:

1) love and infatuation

2) previous girlfriends/boyfriends you’ve had

3) two jobs you’ve had

4) two kids you’ve babysat

5) two sports you’ve played

The due date for this assignment is Wednesday, June 28th. For this assignment and Essay 3, I will allow you a grace period (1 week) in which you can upload your essay late; please note, though, that each day it’s late you lose 5 points. HOWEVER, for Essay 4, you will not have said grace period since it’s due at the end of the semester, and I need to allow myself a couple of days after they’re due during which to grade them so that I can submit grades on time. Per the syllabus, Essay 2 should be at least 700 words in length, and it will be worth 20% of your grade. It does not have to be formatted in MLA format (your last two essays will need to be, though), but you are required to double-space it. *All essays you submit will be run through turnitin.com which will detect any plagiarism found within. Therefore, IF YOU WANT TO INCORPORATE A SOURCE INTO YOUR ESSAY BE SURE TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. We will go over the proper way (MLA) to do so before Essay 3 is due; in the meantime, if you want to quote a source be sure to put said quote in quotation marks and provide the name of the source of said quote. ALSO, please note that turnitin.com also recognizes the use of AI in an essay, and students will earn 0’s on papers containing AI as well as those containing plagiarism

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