Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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This is Emerging Technology for Effective Leadership course.


Wood, L. (2020). What is ERP and how do ERP systems work? Software Connect. https://softwareconnect.com/erp/what-is-erp/ 

Asif, A., AlFrraj, D., & Alshamari, M. A. (2022). A comprehensive approach of exploring usability problems in enterprise resource planning systems. Applied Sciences, 12(5), 2293. https://mdpi-res.com/d_attachment/applsci/applsci-12-02293/article_deploy/applsci-12-02293.pdf

Assignments Due: 

Submit Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Assignment



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Assignment:


Follow these steps to complete this assignment: 

1. Review the image of a procurement process in a typical manufacturing company in Appendix A

2. Make a copy of the table found in Appendix B. 

3. Using the information available in Appendix A, fill out the table. 

4. Answer the following questions in a one-page, APA formatted response:

What are the inefficiencies of completing the steps in the process?

What difficulties might the individuals involved in this process encounter in sharing information between functional areas when not using an ERP system?

What role can an ERP system play in supporting this process?


Submit the table and one-page narrative.



















Adapted from Shen et al. (2015).



















PROCESS STEPS Create Requisition Create and Send Purchase Order Vendor Shipment and Invoice Receive Shipment Receive Invoice and Send Payment


What triggers this step?

What functional area is involved in this step? Many functional areas on the vendor side.

What document is received and/or is created in this step?


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