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Energy Balance and Body Weight Welcome to Week 10 Discussion Board! Energy Balan

Energy Balance and Body Weight
Welcome to Week 10 Discussion Board! Energy Balance and Body Weight 
On this discussion board, we will be discussing energy balance and body weight. 
Assignment Instructions: 
Use critical thinking and apply the information you learned in Chapter 11. 
Select ONE question from the list below and answer it completely.  
Write a professionally written paragraph to answer your selected question.  
Your instructor is looking for 3-4 key points in your responses that relate to this week’s readings.  
Reference your information using the APA citation format. 
Participation in weekly discussions is worth a significant part of your final grade and this forum presents you with an opportunity to develop a lifelong skill of written communication. Please review the grading rubric attached to this assignment so you know what is expected. Please see the course calendar for specific due dates. 
Select the question you would like to answer from the list provided below: 
Explain the concept of a healthy weight, and differentiate between the conditions of underweight, overweight, and obesity. 
What is considered a healthy weight and how is it determined? 
What is energy balance and how are energy needs determined? What factors affect your metabolic rate? 
Explain the factors that affect body weight. 
Discuss ways to lose weight that are safe and healthy. Include the 3 areas of life that need to be adjusted for successful, long-term weight loss. 
Describe a basic plan for healthy weight maintenance. Describe how to gain weight healthfully. 
What is disordered eating? Discuss the warning signs and treatment options for eating disorders. 
In this chapter, we will learn about body composition and what it means for overall health.  The functions of adipose tissue are covered and several methods of assessing body composition are reviewed.  The chapter provides an overview of energy metabolism, energy balance, and the various components of energy expenditure.  Several ways to estimate energy needs are presented.  The causes and consequences of excess body weight are described.  We will learn about a variety of useful weight management options, including lifestyle changes, that incorporate dietary, behavioral, and physical activity recommendations. Several types of eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and other eating disorders are discussed. Your instructor will be looking for detailed answers that are both substantive and informative.  

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Welcome to Week 10 Discussion Board! Energy Balan appeared first on essaynook.com.

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