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Domestic Policy If more than 60 percent of the federal budget is “mandatory spen

Domestic Policy
If more than 60 percent of the federal budget is “mandatory spending,” what is left to cut? What economic goals do categories of mandatory spending support? What programs should be abolished or cut? Should any programs be expanded? If so, identify which ones and explain why they should be expanded by agencies such as the Red Cross. Comment.
Social Welfare is the most debatable topic in American policy politics, yet many Americans are frustrated by those who sit and collect a check every month without any desire to improve themselves. I often wonder if welfare creates more poverty and laziness. Comment.
Please watch
Breaking Point: California’s Homeless Crisis Links to an external site.
Comment, What went wrong? Is Florida heading toward a crisis, and why?
The long-term solvency of Social Security is widely believed to be in danger. Play the American Academy of Actuaries Social Security Game Links to an external site.. Once you have “solved” the game. Share your select results with your classmates by discussing the following questions:
What options you found to be off limits, and why?
What options did you select to solve the social security problem? Explain your choices.
Note: When replying to your peers on their post for the “Social Security” activity – comment and ask questions about their choices
Foreign Policy
In recent years, the American armed forces have been called on to perform duties that are more humanitarian than militaristic, providing support after the Fukushima disaster, in addition to funds for drought victims in Ethiopia, COVID-19 vaccinations to countries who could not afford them, Ebola patients in West Africa, and earthquake victims in Nepal. Do we have an obligation to assist other countries experiencing a crisis, or should that be left to private relief agencies such as the Red Cross? Comment.
The War on Terror has created a smaller faction’s terrorist groups than in the past. I wonder if we are making any inroads in the War on Terror or are, we creating more enemies against America. Comment.
How safe is the world today? Given all the recent Terror attacks are we making progress in defeating ISIS and other terrorist groups? Comment.

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If more than 60 percent of the federal budget is “mandatory spen appeared first on essaynook.com.

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