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Do an internet search on definitions of “health literacy” and  “cultural compete

Do an internet search on definitions of “health literacy” and  “cultural competency” and “cultural competent healthcare provider” and “cultural competency continuum”.  
Review the attached cultural competency case study. (Case Study 11)
#5 Answer these  questions in your the post (reference your answers to the textbook and other sources): Note- I am looking for you to use cultural terms and valid points from your readings/other resources
Did the healthcare provider take the right approach to communicating with the patient/family? Explain
Discuss cultural nuances  and their relevance to your particular case study
Was there a problem with the healthcare providers’ perspective regarding the patient to be served? If yes, describe possible valid approaches 
#6 Review the cultural competency continuum below —  where are these professionals in your case scenario functioning on this continuum? Explain
“The cultural competency continuum consists of six components or levels – Cultural destructiveness, Cultural incapacity, cultural blindness, cultural precompetence, cultural competence, and cultural proficiency, with cultural destructiveness being the lowest level and culture proficiency the highest level and the ultimate goal to strive for. Health service administrators and public health practitioners should become familiar with this continuum and its various components because it will help to ensure maximum cultural efficiency in serving diverse communities. This continuum enables an organization to determine its cultural competence status and to ensure that the goal is to strive to be at the optimum level of the continuum (cultural destructiveness) where serious harm can take place, both intentionally and unintentionally.”  
Source:  Data from Cross, T., Bazron, B., Dennis, K., & Isaacs, M. (1989), Towards a culturally competent system of care (Vol. 1) Washington, DC: Child and Adolescent Service System Program Technical Assistance Center, Center for Child and Mental Health Policy, Georgetown University Child Development Center.
Your discussion post should look like this:
Your summary of your discussion points on the terms and readings
The name of your case study and a brief summary of that case
Your answers to the questions in # 5 & 6

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