Discuss Mandela movie

Discuss the use of voiceover/narration in the film.
How do cinematic elements (lighting, editing, sound, cinematography) in the film portray class and racial divisions?
Discuss the theme of unity. How did the director convey this theme using cinematic elements?
Do any narrative or visual patterns recur a sufficient number of times (motifs) to suggest a structural element in themselves? How do they help you determine the meaning of the film?
Discuss one or more of the stanzas in the poem “Invictus.” What is the meaning/significance to Nelson Mandela? What is the meaning/significance to Francois Pienaar? What is the effect on the audience of using this poem in the film?
In the film, Mandela gave the poem “Invictus” to Pienaar as encouragement before the 1995 Rugby World Cup; however, in reality, a passage from a speech by Theodore Roosevelt was given to Pienaar, entitled “The Man in the Arena.” Discuss the meaning/significance of that passage for the two men. Why did the director choose to revise this historical moment?





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