Digital Technologies and Human Life/2022

Read the articles on the “retro art” of the phone call (links below) and the two attached pdfs and materials to analyze the change in “hum an affairs.” Millennials are widely held to hate phone calls, but Gen Z and the switch to seemingly endless Zoom
sessions have people thinking phone calls m ight be better. While this is clearly a kind of remediation, there is more that is happening, including the extensions making work instead
of saving labour, and in particular, there is a change in “human affairs.” So, how would you combine your readings, topics raised in class and elsewhere to develop an approach that
would analyze and hopefully explain the situation detailed therein. In particular, keep in mind how the medium  is the  message actually works and following from  that, what are the
social, political, cultural and/or economic ramifications? Who benefits? You MUST refer
specifically to the two (2) PDFs attached.
External research is not a requirement and should be done judiciously, with an eye to relevance.





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