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Develop an evidence-based plan of care. Modify plan of care based on analysis of

Develop an evidence-based plan of care.
Modify plan of care based on analysis of outcomes (be creative).
Based on Lupus, define the nursing problem.
Indicate the objective and subjective data that might be gathered from reviewing the patients chart and during the head-to-toe assessment that support the priority nursing problem.
Define a secondary nursing problem.
Utilize a NURSING JOURNAL article published within the last 5 years to assist with formulating evidence-based interventions, rationales, evaluations section and/or pathophysiology supplying the support for the assessment evidence for the patients diagnosis.
Must utilize APA format for cover sheet, citations, and reference page.
Written in Times New Roman size 12 font, proper grammar and correct spelling.
Written in third person and past tense.
Demographic data: include at risk age, gender, and race populations for Lupus.
Subjective/Objective Data: the subjective and objective data that might be obtained in the head-to-toe assessment findings and chart review. Include all vital signs, pain assessment, and any additional assessment findings. Also include any past medical history or surgeries relevant to Lupus.
Nursing problem: Identify two nursing problems, indicate which one is the priority, and explain the rationale for your choice. Use specific evidence to support each patient problem (subjective/objective data).
Outcome: Determine a patient/centered outcome (goal) for each identified nursing problem. These must be specific, measurable, with appropriate time frames. SMART format.
Interventions: Select a minimum of three nursing interventions for each nursing problem with appropriate frequency and time frame. Each intervention should include scientific rationale, which is properly cited utilizing APA format and help reach the stated outcome.
Evaluation: Review each identified outcome and determine if the outcome would have been met or not. Provide an educated guess with an explanation as to why you feel that a patient would have met or not met the outcome. If you had the opportunity to care for a patient with Lupus again, would you revise this care plan in any way to be more effective?

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Modify plan of care based on analysis of appeared first on essaynook.com.

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