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Deliverable 7 – Corporate Rebranding Project Assignment Content Competency Evalu

Deliverable 7 – Corporate Rebranding Project
Assignment Content
Evaluate organizational performance to effectively manage the value chain.
Employ leadership principles to optimize personal and interpersonal engagement.
Formulate strategic decisions based on a financial analysis of organizational performance.
Formulate data-driven business decisions and strategies.
Evaluate the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in the evolving digital and global environments.
Assess the impact of an organization’s strategies, tactics, and ethics on its competitive advantage and sustainability.
Student Success Criteria
View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane.
You are a Senior External Relations Executive for T. Edward Inc., a global textile company. The company manufactures natural and synthetic materials for a variety of products used by several large companies known worldwide. T. Edward Inc. has recently come under public scrutiny for a tragedy in one of their manufacturing plants located in Indonesia. The manufacturing facility collapsed on workers, trapping many and killing several employees. Officials report that the building collapsed under pressure from an unusually heavy rainy season in that area. However, the public is claiming poor working conditions at the manufacturing plant.    
With stakeholders and shareholders in conflict, the shareholders bring in a new CEO to help create a new brand image for T. Edward Inc. As a Senior External Relations Executive, the new CEO has asked you for input via a Presentation to the Board of Directors. You will need to review the areas of value chain management, leadership principles, financial decision-making, data-driven strategies, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as well as sustainability for a competitive edge as part of the Corporate Rebranding Project. 
In Microsoft PowerPoint, create a Presentation, including speaker notes, for the CEO and Board of Directors with your findings in the following areas:
Provide an overview of the best practices that T. Edward Inc. can use to manage value chain processes for optimal organizational performance
Highlight some of the industry best practices regarding leadership principles that optimize personal and interpersonal employee engagement
Discuss the uses of strategic decision-making using financial data
Discuss the benefits of data-driven decision-making
Outline the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in an organization’s culture
Discuss the best practices of an organization’s use of strategies, tactics, and ethics on its competitive advantage and sustainability
Provide a recommendation of a go forward strategy for T. Edwards Inc.’s rebranding effort
Provide attribution for credible sources
NOTE – Be sure the documents display proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.
Gale Virtual Reference (definitions & topic overviews)
Business Source Complete via EBSCO (articles)
Business via ProQuest (articles)
School of Business Guide – Companies & Industries page (database recommendations and instructions)
APA Guide
Please click here for the Rasmussen APA Guide.
Visit the PowerPoint tab of the Business Writing Guide for help with speaker notes, citing your sources, and basic PowerPoint support.

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Assignment Content
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