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Culminating Project – Greenhouse Effect Lab The scientific method is the gold st

Culminating Project – Greenhouse Effect Lab
The scientific method is the gold standard for exploring our natural world. It consists of systematic observation, measurement, and experience, followed by formulation, testing, and finally, a hypothesis. It’s the process that scientists use to understand everything from animal behavior to the forces that shape our planet—including climate change and the Greenhouse Effect.
Using the scientific method, scientists have shown that humans are extremely likely the dominant cause of today’s climate change. The theory dates back to the late 1800s, but in the mid 1900’s, scientists began collecting massive amounts of data, including CO2 levels in the atmosphere, to show significant evidence that this Greenhouse gas leads to climate change.
Please watch this video for a brief overview: What is the Greenhouse Effect?
In this Greenhouse Effect Lab, you will simulate the effect on various gasses in the atmosphere, then answer the following questions utilizing the Scientific Method surrounding your own “hypothesis”.
The Scientific Method
The scientific method’s steps – Video Providing Overview
The exact steps of the scientific method can vary by discipline, but since we have only one Earth (and no “test” Earth), climate scientists follow a few general guidelines to better understand carbon dioxide levels, sea level rise, global temperature, and more.
The Scientific Method Guidelines:
Form a hypothesis (a statement that an experiment can test)
Make observations (conduct experiments and gather data)
Analyze and interpret the data
Draw conclusions
Publish results that can be validated with further experiments (rinse and repeat)
As you can see, the scientific method is repetitive, meaning that climate scientists are constantly making new discoveries about the world based on the building blocks of scientific knowledge.
Directions for Culminating Project:
Your goal is to understand the following concepts and make a “hypothesis” surrounding one or both concepts listed below, then use the scientific method to determine the results according to the results from the online integrative lab.
Lab Link: https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/cheerpj/greenhouse/latest/greenhouse.html
Concept 1: Increase the number of glass layers. What happens to the temperature of the thermometer? Why?
Concept 2: Try the “Photon Absorption” tab at the top of the simulation. Observe the molecules carefully when they absorb photons (particles of light). What happens?
Remember that most solar lights are in the visible spectrum, but when the light is absorbed and re-emitted from the Earth, it is in infrared light, which is invisible.
This is an energy absorption by light. Most visible light (typical sun’s light) is not absorbed by molecules in the air. The molecules interact strongly with infrared light. When a molecule absorbs a light particle (photon), the molecule vibrates, which increases its kinetic energy. Keep in mind that energy cannot be destroyed, but it just changes its form.
Explanation: Light consists of various colors. Some are visible, and most are not visible. When the sunlight comes to the Earth, the light passes through the air without any interaction so that the sunlight energy comes to the surface of the ground. The ground re-emits its energy mostly in infrared light (invisible), which interacts strongly with air molecules such as CO2, and CH4. Once the light interacts with the air, some of the light goes back to the ground. So the ground absorbs the light again, which increases the temperature of the Earth’s surface. If the air contains a lot of CO2 or CH4 (mostly by pollution), we will have very hot days causing “Global Warming”.
Essay Layout: You will need to cite at least three credible references and explain how you came up with the idea and how you tested it in detail:
What observation led you to come up with your experiment? Provide sufficient background information and introduce the topic.
What is your hypothesis being tested? State it clearly, and remember that a hypothesis is a testable statement. (Make sure you understand what a hypothesis is before forming one).
Explain your scientific experiment, the process, the materials, and the steps you will take to ensure your data begins and remains accurate throughout the experiment.
What other variables might need to be accounted for when testing your hypothesis?
Is there another or better way to test your hypothesis? Might you consider testing your same hypothesis under different parameters to validate your results further?
Final Submission Details:
Your lab report must be written in APA format, including a cover page, introduction, subtopics, conclusion, and a separate reference page.
Please submit as a single file (MS-Word or PDF) and include answers to the questions surrounding the Greenhouse Lab Effect utilizing the Scientific Method.
Please be sure to cite all references within the text, as well as on your Reference page.
Project Reminders:
You may find credible resources on Google Scholar, any news journal, .net, or .org site. Please refrain from Wikipedia, .com, or blog sites, as this information may not always be accurate. These articles have not been peer-reviewed for accuracy.
Your essay will need to include a cover page with a title (does not count towards the 2+ pages), be a minimum of 2 pages in length (12-pt font and double-spaced) and include a final Reference page that also does not count towards your 2+ pages. Please use APA formatting, especially when citing references, and I recommend Grammarly.com to help you proofread along the way.
Please check out Tutor.com/TAMUC for a complimentary account and “Essay Drop-Off Review.” Also, check out the TAMU-C Writing Center for more information on APA style formatting, as well as a resource for you before submitting your final essay: TAMU-C Writing Center
Please CITE YOUR SOURCES WITHIN YOUR ESSAY when using direct quotes, statistics, or facts. Use no more than two direct quotations in your essay; all other information should be paraphrased in your own words. Always spell-check and use correct grammar. Grammarly.com is a great free resource to help with this!
This essay is linked to Turnitin and will be checked for plagiarism. Your essay will need to be in your own paraphrased words.
This assignment will count toward 20% of your total weighted average for your final grade.

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The scientific method is the gold st appeared first on essaynook.com.

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