Critical Reflection scenario-based essay

Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to deepen student’s understanding of the characteristics of leadership styles and the dynamic relationship of leadership with workplace communication and culture.

Aim: This assessment provides the student the opportunity to apply and evaluate leadership styles in a scenario involving making changes to improve workplace communication and culture.

Essay – critical. Reflection scenario-based essay [ 50 % marks]

1500 words, + – 10 % is okay

More than 5 references need to be included

Referencing style APA 7, less than 5 years of references

(Do not include references in introduction and conclusion)

Scenario: A recent staff survey has revealed areas of concern regarding workplace communication, workplace culture and a ’blaming’ patient safety culture. The leadership team meets and decides to make changes to achieve the following improvement goals; to improve communication and workplace culture and to introduce a ’no blame’ culture in relation to patient safety.

Discuss how the leadership team may apply two leadership styles to make changes to achieve these goals and evaluate how these two leadership styles may be facilitators or barriers to changes that will achieve these goals.

Include in your discussion. 


An opening sentence

General background information related to topic

Thesis statement

Outline of main ideas covered in body

Do not include examples in the introduction

A definition of workplace culture and an explanation of how a ’no blame’ culture assists in improving patient safety (Do not include examples in introduction)

Topic sentence (Essay topic + Main idea)

Definition of workplace culture

Explan how a no blame culture assists in improving patient safety

Support each reason with evidence

Wrap up the section with concluding sentence

A description of the characteristics of two leadership styles

Describe two leadership styles that would fit the essay

Provide characteristics of the leadership styles used

End with a concluding sentence

Application of the chosen two leadership styles to make changes to achieve the goals of improved communication, improved workplace culture and introducing a ’no blame’ patient safety culture.

Begin with a topic sentence

Draw on the characteristics of the leadership styles choose and compare the scenario

How would this leadership characteristics be applied to the given scenario (Communication, workplace culture and “no blame” culture)

Finish with a concluding sentence

An evaluation of how the characteristics of these two leadership styles act as either facilitators or barriers to changes that will achieve these improvements.

Evaluate as per given

Where the facilitators or barriers to changes for improvements in essay


Summaries main ideas covered in the body paragraph

Draws main idea together by restating thesis

Offer final comments

 Note – Do not include new information

Do not include intext citation

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