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Course Assignments Content In preparation for the Keystone Final Project to be s

Course Assignments Content
In preparation for the Keystone Final Project to be submitted in Week 8, you are to complete this assignment which includes elements of the information literacy, career development, and will require that you use the library resources at FNU (LIRN). 
Submit your first draft of Keystone Project PART 1 in a Microsoft Word Document with Cover Page and APA 7 References Page (the three questions below) of the Keystone Project following these instructions: 
Keystone Final Project Part I
What are your three chosen professions? What similar and different skill sets did you find among the three professions (Critical thinking, Communication, Emotional Intelligence). 
What are the educational and professional experience requirements for the three occupations? (licenses/certifications, required years of working in the field, degree attained). 
What FNU resources on campus can help you gain experience in any of your three career interests? Explain how these resources can help you? 
Use LIRN, use the internet (official sites), textbooks, and other resources to develop the content for this assignment. These questions should be answered in question answer format with proper punctuation and grammar. This means that you copy and paste the question and include the answer below each question. Answers should be at least five to six sentences each. Please include your sources at the end of the assignment in APA 7 formatting based upon the type of source. Use the course resources located on the main page under student resources for APA 7 helps. You must use at least three different sources to support your answers. 
One of my career choices is nursing the other 2 you can choose anything you prefer. 
This is the link from my school’ liberty that needs to be included in the referees. 
1. Mazhindu DM, Griffiths L, Pook C, Erskine A, Ellis R, Smith F. The nurse match instrument: Exploring professional nursing identity and professional nursing values for future nurse recruitment. Nurse Education in Practice. 2016/05//;18:36-45. https://www.proquest.com/scholarly-journals/nurse-match-instrument-exploring-professional/docview/1794937507/se-2. doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nepr.2016.03.006.

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In preparation for the Keystone Final Project to be s appeared first on essaynook.com.

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