Coordination Analysis And Reflection

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BACKGROUND: Imagine you are applying for a position at a local health care organization. Since culture is important to workplace satisfaction, you plan to examine their organizational behavior to determine if you will be a good fit for them and if they will be a good fit for you. But first you need to complete a self-assessment on what creates a good fit for you. The best way to self-assess is to examine current and past work experience. This assessment will help you determine the impact and application of organizational behavior. It may provide some insight into how health care managers can use their coordinating skills to improve the overall team and organizational behavior.

Preparing for the Assessment

Consider the Infographic below. Organizational behavior starts and ends with people, particularly how individuals, groups, and the organization communicate and interact with each other ? positively or negatively. Research aspects of culture and organizational behavior as you complete the grid for this assessment. (Keep scrolling for further directions)

Assessment Deliverable

Use the circle grid as inspiration as you develop your responses to the following prompts for an organization you currently work for or one you worked for in the past. Note: The organization you choose doesn?t have to be health care specific. 

This is a self-assessment activity and needs to be understandable to the reader. Use the WORD document “Week 2 Summative Assessment template” provided below to respond to each of the questions In Part 1. Consider phrase or sentence-length answer for each of the prompts. Then in the same document write your reflection for Part 2 listed below. 

You will be using the WORD document template attached below for Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment. It is required. If the WORD document attached here is not used, a 10% deduction will be assessed without the chance of resubmission. 

HCS370 Week 2 Summative Assessment Template.docx

Assessment Support

Review the rubric for guidance on deliverable expectations.
Review the coordination reflection and analysis example to guide your work. Do not copy any information.


What type of employee are you?
What motivates you in a work setting (e.g., training, empowerment, etc.)?
What impact do you, as an employee, have on the overall organization?
What type of leader do you have?
What impact does your team have on the overall organization?
What are the performance expectations for employees (i.e., high sales, quality of care, etc.)?
What resources does the company put into its employees (i.e., empowerment, training, etc.)?


Write a 350- to 525-word reflection addressing the following questions:

What did you learn about effective organizational behavior?
How can you impact organizational behavior at your workplace?
How can organizational behavior lead to the success or failure of an organization?

You must use at least one scholarly source in reflection portion of the assignment. Include the citation within the text of the document to show where the reference was used to support your work. List the reference on the reference page of the WORD Document template. The citation and associated reference must be formatted per APA guidelines.

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