Continuity Editing & Montage Discussion Paper

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#1 – Continuity Editing & Montage 

Please explain how continuity editing became the dominant mode of film editing in the first half century of cinema. In doing so, please describe some of its important characteristics, its origins and development, as well as other approaches to editing that sought to challenge it. Please cite at least three films, filmmakers, or styles from the course.

#2 – Realisms

There are many examples of Realism or realist approaches in the first half century of cinema. Some of these were considered documentaries, and some of these were considered fiction. Please select at least three different styles of Realism from the course, describe them (e.g. their motivations and contexts; their aesthetics and other cinematic qualities) and explain their distinct relationships with both documentary and fiction.

#3 – Traces 

Please elaborate on the relationship between German Expressionism and classic Film Noir. In your reflection, please cite at least three distinct examples that link (or don’t) the two together.

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