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Choose one from any three separate groupings (from A,B,C, D, and E) in respondin

Choose one from any three separate groupings (from A,B,C, D, and E) in responding to  three (3) of the following prompts with an essay of one page or more. Submit all three responses as part of a single Word document. Use 12 Times New Roman
Identify three key differences in the philosophies and programs of the Hamiltonians and the Jeffersonians during the 1790s. Explain why you have chosen them.
Identify some of the different strategies of survival adopted by frontier Native Americans during the early 1800s. What were the benefits impacts, of the War of 1812? 
What were the essential features of the “Market Revolution?”
What were the characteristics and social effects of the new “factory system?”
What was the significance of 1828 presidential election? Why is it remembered as one of the most significant in American history?
What were some of the defining elements of the American System?
What was the political appeal at the time, and legacy since, of Andrew Jackson?
In the Old South, the slave system received spirited support from many whites who owned no slaves themselves. What might explain their widespread devotion to the “peculiar institution”?
Describe three ways in which enslaved people drew upon their cultural resources to challenge the dehumanizing thrust of slavery.
Compare the arguments made by Americans for and against President Polk’s war against Mexico. What were some of the key points made on each side? What values or assumptions seemed to underlie these points?
D)———————The “abolitionist” movement and the “antislavery” Republican Party were not the same thing. What were some of the essential differences between the two?
Identify three events from the 1850s that contributed significantly to the escalating tensions between North and South, and discuss how they did so.
Upon his election to the presidency in November 1860, Abraham Lincoln reassured the South that he had no intention of abolishing slavery – and yet his election proved to be the catalyst for southern secession from the United States, and the establishment of the Confederate States of America. Why was this so?
Addressing each party, explain the collapse of the Whig Party, the fragmenting of the Democratic Party, and the emergence of the Republican Party during the 1850s?
What was life like for western settlers in the 1830s and 1840s?  How did their circumstances compare with those of newly arrived immigrants back east?
How did wartime mobilization transform the role of national government in America? How did the role of the federal government in the North compare with that of the Confederate government in the South?
President Lincoln’s positions on slavery and the place of blacks in America evolved markedly over the course of the war. Identify three significant shifts in his stance on these questions, and the factors that prompted them.
Discuss how black Americans (southern and northern, slave and free) shaped the course and outcome of the Civil War.
Some argue that the superior resources of the North made Union victory inevitable; others claim that, with different leaders and a little luck, the South might have prevailed. Which analysis do you find more persuasive, and why?
What strike you as some of the chief ways in which emancipated slaves sought to act upon, and realize, their newly won freedom?
How did the policies of Presidential Reconstruction (1865-1867) compare with those of Radical Reconstruction (1867-1877)?
In what ways was Reconstruction a success? In what ways a failure?

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