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Case Study – Details of Demands of Assignment.  My choice of Leader is Beverley

Case Study – Details of Demands of Assignment. 
My choice of Leader is Beverley Manley- she was wife of Jamaican prime minister Michel Manley. In oral presentation I looked at servant leadership, feminist leadership and transfoational leadership. 
1.1      Related Course Objectives
Demonstrate knowledge of both traditional and contemporary concepts and theories of leadership
Critically appraise contended views of the concepts and practices of leadership
Apply the theories of leadership to the actual life experiences of the subject of your biography.. 
Written Submission – July 06
This is an analytic paper through which course participants are required to demonstrate their detailed understanding of at least 3 leadership theories and the latters’ application to your selected leader for the biographical assignment. In the presentation, the participants are required to do a critical appraisal of the individual’s style based on the contentions found in the literature around each of the three (3) theories. The case for leadership must be robustly and systematically argued and presented.
As an academic paper, referencing must be included in the appropriate citation format.
Each course participant will be required to select an individual who can be classified as a leader either locally, regionally or internationally
The course participant must present justification of the choice by identifying at least three (3) critical incidents of demonstrated leadership by this individual
Oral presentations on  the biography – Week 5 (June 12) of the Course
Final written paper to be submitted by July 06
This should be about 3,000-3,500 words, not including the cover page and the references.
The content of the case study should be organized as follows
Cover Page with your name and Id #
Table of Contents with pagination 
List of table, figures, acronyms as appropriate
Abstract (about 150-200 words)
Introduction – a short description of this individual esp. as this is relevant to the assignment with your justification for your selection of the biographical subject
Background including critical leadership incidents in the life of the individual
Analytical appraisal through the application of the pros and cons of at least three (3) leadership theories
Conclusion – Summary of arguments 

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My choice of Leader is Beverley appeared first on essaynook.com.

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