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Case Scenario Analysis: you have been hired in the CAO’s newly created position (Chief Administrative Officer) for a regional medical center. The responsibilities have been broken

Case Scenario Analysis: you have been hired in the CAO’s newly created position (Chief Administrative Officer) for a regional medical center. The responsibilities have been broken away from the COO (Chief Operational Officer) to focus primarily on all business and revenue generation activities.
You are a member of the hospital’s executive management team (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operational Officer, Chief of the Clinical Staff (medical and nursing), Chief Information Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Quality and Risk Management Officer, and legal counsel).
The hospital is a nonprofit. The services provided within the hospital include ICU, med-surg, labor and delivery, cardiac rehabilitation, emergency department, diagnostic testing including radiology and lab, same-day surgery, a retail pharmacy, ophthalmology and optical, oncology, limited physical rehabilitation, and physical therapy, patient education, substance abuse, renal dialysis, and patient education. The Joint Commission accredits the hospital with recertification in 2 years.
In your initial and informal strategic assessment, you felt several areas warranted further review under the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). The foundation discussed was exclusively business and fiscally based:
1. The separated responsibilities of risk management, patient safety, and quality improvement from a business perspective.
2. The limited or defined methods and practices to minimize medical malpractice within the organization. Of specific concern were medical errors, adverse events, and hospital infections, even though no medical malpractice claim was filed against the organization or any clinical provider.
TASK(S): In your discussion with the CEO, she asked for an inclusive memorandum of record back to her to address the following from a business case assessment You have been there long enough to know the CEO is thorough and bases her decisions on collaboration, data, facts, and legal authority with the two primary objectives of high quality of care minimizing risk to the organization. Hence, she expects your assessment to utilize supporting evidence.
1. Examine the responsibilities of process improvement, risk management, patient safety, and quality improvement in a healthcare organization from a business case perspective. The CEO is explicitly asking since there is a Chief Compliance Officer, how these responsibilities could be (or should be) the responsibility of both members of the C-suite or remain under the Chief Compliance Officer.
2. Propose specific risk reduction strategies to mitigate medical malpractice, medical errors, and healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s) from a business assessment. Again, use supporting evidence in your proposal to the CEO.
3. Knowing that these two responsibilities are multidisciplinary, recommend a C-suite and upper management ad hoc team by hospital positions to examine the items above for recommendations for process improvement teams. Support your recommendations with justification for industry standards or best practices.
While a memorandum can be in any professional format, it is expected that content is original, founded in best practices, and scopes of care with all external authors had APA citation to the sources in the body and on the last page with an APA reference list.
Grading Criteria
Student writing should be at the academic level, unbiased language in the third person, and proper healthcare and legal vernacular.
Assigned papers will require APA formatting (most current edition), including the title and reference pages. If you are unsure how to format using APA style, please see the Writing Center or Syracuse Library Citation Guide: APA .
Excluding the APA title and reference pages, the papers should be between 1,000 – 1500 words in the body. The word count requires the substance to be concise, robust, logical, and demonstrate complete knowledge of the weekly content. Although not in proper APA formatting, please include the word count for the paper’s body at the very bottom of the title page. For assistance with determining the word count, please see the following Microsoft Word resource
The body of the paper should include first level APA headings for all content or topics when required. Having the required content as first-level headings will support students in meeting the content requirements and the paper’s focus on the required subjects. Students are welcome to add subheadings at the second or third levels, but the first level is required. The APA Style Headings can assist with formatting headings.
All sources used within the paper’s body (directly and paraphrased) must be cited in the body of the paper and on the required reference page per APA requirements and should not exceed 20%. Content from other sources that exceed 20% could indicate a lack of originality or possibly plagiarism and will be addressed following the Academic Integrity Policy noted below.
Third-party plagiarism software, such as Turnitin, may be used to assess the originality of a student’s work in any assignment, papers, and quizzes, or exams to rule out plagiarism.

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