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Brief history of Argentina (include at least one citation) Political system and

Brief history of Argentina (include at least one citation)
Political system and political economy: explain  (include at least one citation)
Government policies and regulations: research key policies that affect international trade (include at least one citation)
Currency: what is the currency and monetary policy implemented? (include at least one citation)
Sanctions: Are there any sanctions imposed on this country by other countries? (include at least one citation)
Regional economic integration: Is your selected country part of any regional economic agreement? (include at least one citation)
Do they belong to the WTO? Why is this important? (include at least 1 citation)
Cultural norms: What are some cultural norms that affect doing business in this country? 
Apply Hofstede’s Dimensions of National CultureLinks to an external site.
and do a comparison with the USA. (include at least one citation)
What are the implications?  (include at least one citation)
Drawing upon the New Trade Theory and Porter’s Theory of National Competitive Advantage, outline the case  that would build, or demonstrate, national competitive advantage in one of the following industries: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, high tech electronics, or agriculture)  (include at least one citation)
Based on your selected country:
Be clear on which industry you selected and whether this country can build national competitive advantage or they already have it.
Define National Competitive Advantage known as Porter’s Diamond (include enough citations to validate each aspect of the diamond:
Apply each part of the diamond by researching your country  and considering the industry selected.
What are the factor endowment or conditions? Research Land, labor and capital. The most important aspect of the Porter’s theory are the factor conditions. Factor conditions are those elements that Porter believes a country’s economy (Links to an external site.)
can create for itself, such as a large pool of skilled labor (Links to an external site.)
, technological innovation, infrastructure (Links to an external site.)
, and capital.
What are the related and supporting industries needed in order for your selected industry to be successful in your selected country? are they available? Related supporting industries refer to upstream and downstream industries that facilitate innovation through exchanging ideas. These can spur innovation depending on the degree of transparency and knowledge transfer. Related supporting industries in the Diamond model correspond to the suppliers and customers who can represent either threats or opportunities in the Five Forces model.
What are the demand conditions? are they internal or external? are they strong enough to make the industry viable? How?
Firm strategy, structure, and rivalry. What should the firm’s strategy be in order to succeed? The concentration of market power, degree of competition, and ability of rival firms to enter a nation’s market are influential here. This point is related to the forces of competitors and barriers to new market entrants in Porter’s Five Forces model (Links to an external site.)
of business strategy.
https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/porter-diamond.asp (Links to an external site.)
Explain its implications. Is it possible for the selected country to build a national competitive advantage in biotechnology, why or why not? or do they already have it?
What kind of policies would you recommend that the government adopt? Are these policies at variance with the basic free trade philosophy? 

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Political system and appeared first on essaynook.com.

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