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Books: Calloway: First Peoples (Sixth Edition) Dunbar-Ortiz: The Indigenous Peop

Books: Calloway: First Peoples (Sixth Edition)
Dunbar-Ortiz: The Indigenous Peoples History of the United States
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sdlx2bT7c6I
Paragraph 1 : Relate your assigned Prof. Gomez’s statement to the reading materials or videos for this module (150 words). Please use ONE direct quote from this week’s ZOOM session. Also add information from the module assigned readings (cite PAGE number) and/or videos. Remember, students will respond to only the Prof. Gomez Statement (below) according to the first letter of their last names
Topic for paragraph 1: Most Americans are ignorant of the true way we dispossessed land from the Indian people.  It was overwhelmingly based on a policy emphasizing racial superiority of the white race, the “domestic, dependent nation” theory!  It is long pass time for our nation to recognize its inherent racist policies and to begin to negotiate returning lands to Native Americans as an act of reconciliation, justice  and of upholding the U.S. constitution.
Paragraph 2: Using the Zoom lecture and the assigned videos for this week:
Discuss the measures taken by Indian Nations to not have to be removed from their ancestral lands. Next, explain why the government continued to press for Indian Removal. Who wanted it and why? Finally, what were some of the resulting consequences for Indian people as they face Indian Removal? Students MUST provide specific examples from the ZOOM sessions and /or video in proper citation format (example: 1:03:24).
Paragraph 3: Using the Calloway readings, the Dunbar Ortiz chapters and the other readings assigned, address the following:
Compare and contrast the Indian Removal policies for Indians in the North versus Indians in the South.  Next, Discuss the efforts of the Cherokee Nation to defend themselves against the policies of Indian Removal. Be sure to show different ways they approached the issue.  Finally, what actions were taken by the USA government towards Indian people as the nation moved westward. How were these actions justified by the government? Students MUST USE AND CITE A DIRECT QUOTE FROM THE ASSIGNED CALLOWAY or DUNBAR- ORTIZ CHAPTERS. Explain why you selected the quote and how it refers to the questions posed in this second paragraph.

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Dunbar-Ortiz: The Indigenous Peop appeared first on essaynook.com.

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