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Best practices when writing PSA’s Be succinct. Under 90 seconds Use a strong hoo

Best practices when writing PSA’s
Be succinct. Under 90 seconds
Use a strong hook at the opening
Use a compelling call to action at the end
PSA development and distribution process:
Drill down to your key messages
Know your audience and tailor PSA to it
Begin with a strong hook
Prepare 5-7 main points
Include facts or statistics with resources to back it up
Be accurate and current: essential
Close with call-to-action. “Call this number.” “Talk to your doctor.” “Register today.”
Record it and distribute to key radio stations in your targeted area
Step 1: Familiarize yourself with PSAs
Step 2: Choose the topic for your PSA
Choose an issue that is important to you, such as drug use, online safety, staying healthy, or bullying. 
List possible topics that relate to your issue. For example, if your issue is pollution some topics might be recycling, water pollution, or planting and maintaining more trees. Pick the topic that most interests you.
Do some research on your topic identifying key facts and stats. Find at least two to three resources.
Make sure you have a good base of research and a strong understanding of the topic before moving on to Steps 3-5
After completing your preliminary research, you will answer a set of questions outlined in the template
Step 3: Plan your PSA:
Purpose: What is the central theme of your PSA? What is it about?
Goal: What is the goal of your message (what do you want the listener to do, think, or feel?)
Reasons: Why is the subject of your PSA important?
Facts: What are 2-5 key points you want to cover in your PSA?
For more information: How can the listener learn more?
Step 4: Write your PSA script:
Begin with a strong hook.
Prepare 5-7 main points.
Be accurate and current (this is essential).
Include facts and/or statistics that back up your message.
Identify your organization by name somewhere in the PSA.
Close with a clear call-to-action (e.g., call this number; register today, etc.).
Use about 90 words. This is the length of a 1.5-minute podcast PSA.
complete the assignment worksheet to demonstrate your process for writing your PSA, and write a script.

30 Second PSA Examples


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Be succinct. Under 90 seconds
Use a strong hoo appeared first on essaynook.com.

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