Belleville Learning Center Documentary Paris Is Burning Critical Response Essay

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The film is Paris is burning. it is available on Netflix

Links below are for the material needed.

must use at least 1 outside source when analyzing the documentary

In the FIRST paragraph (at least 150 words):

What is the title of your selected film?
Who is the director and what year was it released?
Is it considered a “classic”?
Identify any technical features of the film.
What is the genre of the film (e.g. western, romantic comedy, film noir, documentary, etc.)?

In the SECOND paragraph (at least 150 words):

Summarize the main plot and/or conflict in the film. Be sure to identify the main character(s) here.
Using the themes and concepts noted in Section 9.7 in your textbook (in the section A Word on Critical Viewing), identify at least three of these themes and explain how they apply to your selected film.
Indicate any “social issue,” if any, that is addressed in the film.
Identify at least one “camera technique” or “use of sound” in the film, and explain how it affects the viewer.

In the THIRD paragraph (at least 150 words):

Evaluate its “craft.” Is this a good example of this type of art? Is it well presented? What are its points of value? Does it have a message? Did we learn something from the characters and/or theme of this film? In what ways did the film resemble literature, theater, or art?
What types of reviews did this film receive based on your research of other reviews or scholarly commentaries?
In the end, what type of aesthetic experience did you have? Was it mostly an Apollonian or Dionysian experience?
Would you recommend this work of art to others? If so (or not), why?

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