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Background: The readings in Part 1 of Unit 4 include many facts and figures abou

The readings in Part 1 of Unit 4 include many facts and figures about economic inequality and its impact on vulnerable populations. A major point, however, is that many government policies create or contribute to inequality. In other words, government policies often hinder achieving human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice. In this assignment, the term “policy” is defined broadly to include inaction and action. Inaction includes failure to regulate harmful practices, withdrawal of support from a program, or failure to create procedures or regulations to prevent or curtail a problem.
Drawing from two readings in Part 1 of Unit 4, provide two examples to explain how the government’s economic and environmental policies create social inequality. (Note: Do not use the Schmidt article for this assignment). Do not simply cite facts that illustrate inequality. Explain how government policy (whether through action or inaction) creates or contributes to inequality. Cite your sources explicitly, using in-text citations. 
Other articles that can be used: 
UFE, “Infographics”
Schmidt, “At the Elite Colleges”
Hauter, “What Factory Farms and Fossil Fuels Have in Common”
IPES-Food, “New Report: ‘An Overwhelming Case for Action’–Expert Panel Identifies Unacceptable Toll of Food and Farming Systems on Human Health” 
Carrington, “Coronavirus: World treating symptoms not causes of pandemics, UN says” 
Mules, “How coronavirus might change farming”
Ludden & Joyce, “New U.S. Climate Assessment Forecasts Dire Effects on Economy, Health”
Godoy & Wood, “What do coronavirus racial disparities look like state by state?”
Joseph, “Being an immigrant with limited social protections is a killer during a pandemic too”
4th National Climate Assessment, Ch. 14, “Health” (Executive Summary)
Leonard, “The Story of Stuff” (video)
“How Much Do the Wealthiest Own?” (UFE video)
“Unnatural Causes” (video traileer)Part 2
Castaneda et al., “Ableism: Introduction”
Wendell, “The Social Construction of Disability”
Hansmann and Saladin, “Disability” (powerpoint)
Wolanin, “Students with Disabilities: Financial Aid Policy Issues”
Pellow & Brulle, “Poisoning the Planet”
Saxton & Ghenis, “Commentary: Climate Change and Disability–Impact on Health and Survival”
Sullivan, “A Toxic Legacy on the Mexican Border”
“Look at Me, Not My Disability” (video)
All citations and references list must be in APA 7 format.
Your initial post should be no less than 350 words in length, with two citations from the readings (No quotes… know the difference). There is no maximum length limit, but I expect you to make a direct and concise argument. Your initial post is due on Friday before midnight.

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The readings in Part 1 of Unit 4 include many facts and figures abou appeared first on essaynook.com.

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