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BACKGROUND In April 2018, the IMO agreed a reduction in total GHG emissions from

In April 2018, the IMO agreed a reduction in total GHG emissions from international shipping by at least 50% in 2050 compared to the levels of 2008.
The new global limit will give rise to significant challenges for the maritime sector in terms of operating cost, fuel availability and logistics, and potentially safety too.
Assessment Task
You are to prepare a clear and concise briefing for the Board of Directors of your sponsoring company in the form of a written report.
We are assuming that there will be a moderate economic growth in most countries, i.e. more cargo to be carried than in 2008.
The objective of the report is to inform and advise the Directors of the fuel options and technical solutions, available for the vessels of your company; enabling them to meet the future requirements of IMO. You should end with a clear summary of each option’s potential advantages and disadvantages and suitability for the ships of your company.
You need also to highlight the steps already taken by your company and to offer a recommendation whether to expand in the same direction or to look for a different solution.
Within your report you are advised that following aspects should be considered:
• Marine fuel options and relevant abatement technologies, if applicable
• Shipboard technical challenges pertinent to each of the above
• Availability of each fuel (including Supply method / supply chain challenges)
• Potential commercial implications
You pass all your Exams and Assignments from the first attempt, so immediately after the end of your cadetship, you are offered a job as a Third Officer on the largest and most modern LNG Tanker Pipeline Replacer, which is scheduled to make its maiden commercial voyage from Qatar to Milford Haven. You joined the ship just before the launch at Geoje Island shipyard, South Korea. The positioning voyage is fine, and then after smooth first loading, the ship enters the Suez Canal.
However, certain country with interest in high gas prices hires some of the most capable hackers, and they launch a sophisticated attack on the ship’s computer systems. In the middle of the Suez Canal, everything using software on board your ship stops working.
Assessment Task
One of the reasons, why you were chosen for so prestigious position is your familiarity with previous hacker attacks.
1) Describe the three most serious cyber-attacks experienced by the shipping industry so far.
2) You were the OOW when the cyber-attack took place. What would be your initial actions?
3) The very experienced Master, who doesn’t really like computers, asks for your suggestions how the computer systems could be restored.
On 11 April 2023, Solent University published a Statement about Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots .
Assessment Task
1) Explain what AI Chatbots are.
2) What legitimate assistance could the AI Chatbots provide for your studies?
3) Can the AI Chatbots be helpful for passage planning and other navigational tasks?
On 14th of September 2023, the UK Maritime Minister, Baroness Vere of Norbiton, during London International Shipping Week announced a new £21.3m national research partnership focussed on decarbonising the UK maritime sector.
The Hub will carry out innovative research in sustainable marine fuels and their safe use, low-carbon power and propulsion systems for shipping, decarbonised port operations and infrastructure, improved maritime operations and vessel efficiency.
Professor Miles Padgett, Interim Executive Chair of EPSRC, said:
“Investing in research and innovation is crucial to achieve the UK’s ambitious target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
“Domestic shipping emits more polluting gases than buses and rail combined. A maritime research hub will bring together world-leading expertise and support the sector to develop and commercialise clean maritime fuels and technologies.”
Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “With 95 per cent of the UK’s trade happening by sea, the maritime sector is vital to our country’s economic output but it’s also one of the biggest contributors to the UK’s emissions.”
More information can be found here: https://www.solent.ac.uk/news/university-part-of-new-21.3m-national-research-hub-to-decarbonise-uk-maritime-sector
Assessment Task
1) Research the number and propulsion of the UK domestic ferries, including the river vessels.
2) Research the number and technology of the overseas electric ferries.
3) Prepare a Recommendation Paper explaining why the UK should gradually phase out the current ferries and replace them with electric ones.
Assessment Criteria
Learning Outcomes Assessed
1) Critically reflect and evaluate on how technology can and will impact you through your career.
2) An understanding of how technology integrates and influences systems on board and how we use them.
3) Demonstrate a knowledge of the legislative and operational requirements for implementing new technology and consider the risks to the vessel.
4) Develop effective communication and presentational skills.

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