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Background Information: This week, you’re going to be asked to develop an assess

Background Information:
This week, you’re going to be asked to develop an assessment plan utilizing 21st century tools. You’re going to come up with a five-day/unit specific to your field in education, and the grade level or type of program is up to you.
Each day/session allows for one to two hours for instruction and formative assessment, and should focus on one learning outcome.
At the end of the five sessions that comprise this unit, you will have students complete a summative assessment that applies the Universal Design for Learning guidelines as they demonstrate mastery of the five learning outcomes.
The overall unit must include use of at least one 21st century tool of your choice (i.e. video, audio, app, website, etc…) to either support your instructional goals and/or the assessments.
Please save parts one and two in a single file that you will submit as a whole for this activity. There will be two parts to this activity:
Part 1:
In this part, you’re presenting an introduction to what the overall unit entails (i.e. what will the students be learning about and doing), why you chose the 21st century tools that will be getting incorporated into your lesson, and how you applied the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines.
What topic are you attempting to address with your learners?
What age group or grade-level are you focusing on?
Which 21st century tool(s) will you be using and why this specific tool? Note, if you are using a particular piece of software or app, assume your reader has never heard of it (i.e., take a sentence to explain what it is/what it does). 
How do you feel this is a pedagogically sound method of utilizing technology to support the student’s learning of this topic?
How are they and/or you using technology?
What challenges or barriers do you anticipate for learners? What can you do to remove those barriers proactively?
How did you apply the Universal Design for Learning guidelines in your assessment plan? Provide examples from your plan. 
Length Requirement: 
two to three (2-3) pages.
Format Requirement:
Research Requirement:
two (2) secondary outside resources should be cited in-text and in the Reference Page (the articles provided in this course do not count towards this requirement. You are encouraged to cite them in your paper, yet they will not count towards the secondary resource requirement).
Part 2:
Using the template below, develop an assessment plan for each of the five (5) learning outcomes. Each day should have its own chart. This is not included in the page count for the first part. A sample of the assessment filled out is attached.
Learning Outcomes
Plan for Instruction
Technology Required in Instruction and/or Assessment
Formative Assessment Plan
Summative Assessment Plan
How will you evaluate the technology being used?
Outcome 1:
Outcome 2:
Outcome 3:
Outcome 4:
Outcome 5:
Activity 5 – Template.docx
(22.33 KB)
Activity 5 sample.pdf
(121.88 KB)

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This week, you’re going to be asked to develop an assess appeared first on essaynook.com.

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