BA5FE37E Managing Business Operations, University Of West

Managing Business Operations Learning outcome 1: Explain the nature of operations management within the organisation. Learning outcome 2: Manage the design of systems and operations in the organisation. Learning outcome 3: Planning and control of the operations of the organisation Learning outcome 4: Improve performance within the organisation. Assignment – Baking Up a Plan: Improving the Vineyard Hotel Bakery Assignment Questions When answering the following questions, please do also refer to the exhibits and just in case, you need to use (some of) the diagrams to support your answers. Question 1. Explain specifically the operation management used in the bakery process. You are encouraged to use diagram(s) to aid your explanation. Question 2. From the perspective of the five performance objectives, critique the operations management of the bakery. Question 3. Discuss two production approaches (in manufacturing terms) of both the product range and the process structure for items produced in the bakery? Question 4. Explore the possibility of applying the lean thinking tools in such scenario. Question 5. What specifically should Van Rooyen do? Evaluate each choice.

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