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Assignment: Topic – Reduce Stress  An outline will accompany this speech.  The o

Assignment: Topic – Reduce Stress 
An outline will accompany this speech.  The outline should be formatted in standard speaking outline format.  See chapter 9 in your book, as well as outline template in D2L.  
Outlines are due on Monday, 7/15 in D2L dropbox by 11:59pm.
The Group Informative Speech Presentation Outline should demonstrate your overall learning and execution of proper speech outline formatting. I would like to see your finished outline that you used to present your speech; therefore, I do not need research notes. 
I would like to see your speech development and any oral citations included in your outline. To receive top marks, the outline must be representative of your 3-4 minute speaking time during the group presentation, include in text and oral citations within the content, and meet the guidelines of the oral portion of the speech. For example, a minimal amount of content that is too brief or lacking citation(s) may be subject to a lower score. Points will be awarded for creating a speaking outline that is clear, concise, and well developed. This will allow me an opportunity to assess the development and course learning outcome for organized content.  There should be a demonstration of clear, concise, and organized content that has a logical flow of ideas. 
Outlines do not have a page length or word count, but need to be representative of your 3-4 minute portion of the presentation. 
Outlines must contain source citations (in text and oral citations). Outlines without source citations will have a deduction for lack of citing. 
Outlines should be formatted as follows: 1″ margins, 12 pt. font, double spaced, and Times New Roman or similar font.
Works Cited double spaced per MLA formatting, Works Cited belongs on the last page, 1″ margins, and citations must be formatted to MLA formatting guidelines.
Proper academic punctuation and grammar.
Handwritten outlines will not be accepted. Handwritten coursework will not receive credit. 
Manuscripts will not be awarded points for outline formatting. 
The outline is considered a separate written assignment worth 25 points. 
The outline will be evaluated as follows:
Format: 10 points
Content: 10 points
Source citations and Works Cited: 5 points
Please see the resources in the Outline Module that contains various resources to help you create great outlines.  Also, use chapter 9 in the course textbook as well. 
Proper outline formatting should be demonstrated. Chapter 9 of your textbook will be your resource for this assignment.

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An outline will accompany this speech.  The o appeared first on essaynook.com.

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