Assignment task (1):-use research proposal and research consent documents Assig

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Assignment task (1):-use research proposal and research consent documents
Assignment task(2):-use project logbook document
Assessment task (3):-appropriate project evaluation techniques and detailed analysis of results such as Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), and draw (WBS Map) for you project in this task. and come up with proper conclusions and recommendations, interpret and analyze the results and finally use appropriate techniques to justify project progress and outcomes.
Assignment task (4):-
P4.1)Produce a report to record all project procedures and results. The report should contain the following parts: Abstract: up to 150 words that summarize the main idea of the project.Introduction: to explain briefly the project, the related works, and the report layout.System Model: to explain the project in detail, i.e. design, components, and method of work.Results: demonstrate, discuss and justify the obtained results.Conclusion: to conclude and summarize the results and to match the obtained results with the proposed goals.(M3.1)Use appropriate structure and approach in producing the report in the previous sub-task. (P4.2)Use an agreed format and appropriate media to present the outcomes of the project to an audience. (D2.3)Make sure that the activity of presenting the above PowerPoint slides is managed and done with proper language and good use of images and graphs if needed also there is effective time management. (D3.2)Then you have been asked to take a self-evaluation by filling out the reflection of performance form (see Appendix “A”)
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