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Assignment Directions: Proposal Argument 1 Proposal Argument 1 is a research-bas

Assignment Directions: Proposal Argument 1
Proposal Argument 1 is a research-based proposal argument that convinces readers to take action to solve a problem or address an issue in the student’s academic/professional field. The proposal must specifically impact the student’s academic/professional field.
Basic requirements:
Point value: 125 pts
Length requirement: 5–7 pages (excluding cover page, abstract, and references)
Format: APA
Font: Times New Roman size 12
Proposal Argument 1 is our chance to solve a problem (or at least start thinking about a solution!) We will write a proposal argument that explains the importance of solving a problem or addressing an issue related to our academic/professional field. We follow the basic outline of an argument: introduction, background, lines of argument, alternative arguments, and conclusion. In the second paragraph, we must explain our personal connection to the issue. We are encouraged to use the first person singular (“I/me”) throughout.
The paper presents our proposal for reasonable, measurable change that needs to take place in a specific academic/professional field. The thesis will propose a specific solution, and we will support the thesis with credible evidence throughout the paper.
Research requirement:
Five sources minimum. At least four scholarly sources must be obtained via the library databases and other credible search engines like Google Scholar; at least one credible/relevant primary source (interview, survey, etc.) For more information on conducting primary research, please see Chapter 17 in Faigley (“Exploring in the Field”). Please be aware of avoiding confirmation bias before beginning research as the solution(s) to the problem may evolve through research.
Intended audience:
Let’s assume the readers are not familiar with the specific academic/professional field or the problem/issue at the paper’s center. They want to learn about a reasonable solution to the problem/issue.
Key performance criteria:
We meet the basic assignment requirements.
We explain our personal connection to the issue in the second paragraph.
We address the assigned intended audience.
The essay focuses on a reasonable/measurable arguable problem/issue at a specific level as assigned.
The thesis (proposal) proposes a specific solution to a specific problem/issue.
The argument follows the basic structure of an argument.
The proposal is supported with specific, properly cited examples from at least four scholarly sources and one credible/relevant primary source.
The argument considers all sides of an issue—including alternative proposals—and uses a balanced, considerate, and inclusive tone (no “you” use).

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Proposal Argument 1 is a research-bas appeared first on essaynook.com.

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