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Assignment Content Create three separate one-page communications—a flier, a lett

Assignment Content
Create three separate one-page communications—a flier, a letter of introduction, and a professional biography—to introduce your nonprofit to the community.
Use the strategies that you have learned in units I and II, as well as the examples provided in the reading assignments. Prepare the following three communications and submit them as one document. Each communication should be at least one full page in length.
Communication 1: Definition of the Issue. Create a visually appealing one-page document to define the issue that your nonprofit will serve. Click here to access a document that recaps the scenario used for this course.
Communication 2: Letter of Introduction. Write a one-page letter of introduction to your local government or city council. Your letter should provide some background on your nonprofit and include essential details, such as where you are located or when you will be open. You may choose to include additional elements if you like, such as inviting readers to an event or open house. Be sure to use the letter conventions discussed in the Unit II Lesson and in Chapter 10 of your textbook.
Communication 3: Professional Biography. As the founder of this nonprofit, you will often be asked to share what led you to create this organization. Your biography should help to tell that story. Include information vital to the company but avoid adding information that readers do not need. For instance, if you are starting a nonprofit to help animals, readers do not need to know about your national rankings in chess. Use the conventions discussed in the Unit II Study Guide as well as those discussed in Chapter 8 of your textbook to organize the information in your professional biography effectively. Your professional biography should not exceed one page in length.
Combine your three communications into one document to submit in Blackboard. External sources and APA formatting are not required for this assignment.
Create a document that you can share with your community to educate them on the issue that your nonprofit will serve. For instance, if your nonprofit will help rescue stray animals from being euthanized at a local shelter, then provide a document to define the problem of animal euthanasia or shelter overcrowding in your community.
You decide what headings you should include in your document to inform readers about the issue and why they should be concerned about it. This document will represent your company, so it should be professional in its content.
In addition, give some thought to the types of information you need to include in this document. Remember, it is a document you might share with a variety of audiences, including citizens, city leaders, and those who might donate or help fund your cause. Analyze the audience and apply that knowledge to detail adequate information when creating the document.
Your document should be visually appealing, easy to read, and no more than one page in length. See Figure 5.2 on page 74 in the textbook for an example of a visually appealing and well-organized document. Remember not to overdo it with colors and images when creating your document; simple is better in designing this type of document because your focus should be on the information you are sharing with your audience.
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