Assignment 2 – Summary Reading Purpose

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Assignment 2 – Summary Reading


Increase understanding of issues associated with law enforcement.


Select one of the assigned articles from Unit 1 – Policing. Write a summary of the article selected.

Outline and Notes – As you read, create an outline and take notes of all the important points. (recommended)
Draft – Write a rough draft based on your outline and notes. (recommended)

Write down your ideas in the order in which they should appear in the paper
Be careful not to overload the paper with personal opinions. Be as neutral as possible.

Write and Organize Your Summary (required)

Organize your thoughts in a clear, coherent manner.
Include a clear introductory statement.
Have a definitive body.
Include a conclusion statement.
The expectation is for you to submit a summary that include YOUR thoughts and words…NOT AI.

Submission and Grading Criteria

Organization – Clear and coherent with introduction, body, and conclusion

1? Margins on all 4 sides
Indent new paragraphs
Double-spaced. 500 words, Arial font, 12 pt font (about 2 pages)
Use proper APA citation.
MS Word document (.doc or .docx)


Fully addresses all questions
Free of grammatical and spelling errors
Follow traditional academic paper requirements

Worth 12.5% of grade. Refer to the Assignment Grading Rubric in Course Resources.

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