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Assignment # 1  Effective Classroom Interventions Now is the time to review the

Assignment # 1  Effective Classroom Interventions
Now is the time to review the instructional videos in the file named EEX6051 APA Formatting and Other Assignment Resources. To satisfy the requirements of this assignment you are expected to incorporate the information in the videos into your submission.
In this assignment you will examine Response to Intervention (RTI) and Evidence Based Practices (EBP).   Your paper should be to the point but comprehensively examine at least 3 evidence-based practices that can be used in RTI settings. RTI settings allows for a lot of room related to program delivery so you should be able to examine how RTI and EBP are connected in real life classrooms.  You should also examine the role of evidence-based practices and the criteria that you used to determithese interventions were adequately vetted classroom practices. This paper is not to be lengthy – a maximum of 5  sure you understand the differences among evidence-based, research-based, promising and emerging practices. 
Use these headings for your submission;
Introduction (Purpose of the paper. List your 3 effective practices.)
Strategy One (Name and describe how the strategy works. What criteria did you use to determine this strategy is effective?)
Literature Review (Examination of Professional Literature- How has this strategy been proven to be effective?)
(Repeat for strategies 2 and 3)
Sites that will help you find effective and ineffective interventions.
The site What Works Clearinghouse is a great place to confirm your chosen strategies are evidence-based.   From the opening page, you can search by academic area as well as behavior.
Links from the UWF Library
Watch these two short videos from the UWF library. They will save you hours of time searching.

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Now is the time to review the appeared first on essaynook.com.

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