Assignment 1: Argumentative Essay

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Assignment 1: Argumentative Essay


Healthcare professionals have an ethical responsibility to always advocate for the introduction of new treatments and technologies into healthcare.


In relation to your selected topic:

• Consider the application of the bioethical principles.

• Consider the application of ethical theories and other ethical concepts.

• Construct a written argument that clearly presents these ethical considerations.

• Based on the evidence you present, determine and specify your ethical stance.

Demonstration of the capacity to develop an ethical argument/s based around the four bio-ethical principles: autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence.

Criteria: Marking Reburic:

Introduction. (5%)

The assessment begins with an exemplary introduction that introduces the topic, main ethical arguments, and is engaging and relevant.

Consideration of bioethical principles as they relate to the topic. (20%)

The four bioethical principles of • Autonomy • Justice • Beneficence • Nonmaleficence have been discussed comprehensively and accurately in relation to the topic.

Consideration of other ethical concepts as they relate to the topic. (20%)

Other ethical concepts (e.g. theories, human dignity, veracity, professional codes and standards of practice) have been discussed comprehensively and accurately in relation to the topic.

Critical thinking, reasoning, defence, and evaluation of arguments. (20%)

Comprehensive level of critical thinking, reasoning, defence & evaluation. Ethical arguments (use of argument and/or counter arguments) are cogent & always well defended.

Quality of research & credibility of sources. (20%)

All ethical arguments are comprehensively informed by diverse, credible, wellchosen academic literature, and professional codes & standards.

Conclusion. (5%)

The assessment ends with a strong, comprehensive, & rational conclusion.

Organisation of ideas, concepts, and discussion. (10%)

The argument is organised in an exemplary manner: repetitiveness is avoided; the argument flows logically and succinctly. Exemplary use of academic writing and writing conventions. APA intext citations and reference protocols are followed at an exemplary level.

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