Assessment item 3 – Team Logistics, Project Start & Reflection

Group Assessment: Yes

Submission method options: Interact2 Journal


This assignment is a combination of personal and team work.
The casebook is downloadable from the same link given in Assignment 1.  (I have sent you the casebook as well, if you did not get it please request for it. I will provide casebook).
It gives you step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to complete this assignment.
Some of these may be reports from group meetings as well as your own contribution.

Task 3.1 – Team Logistics (2 marks, initial submission in Discussions, then final URL in Journal)
Task 3.2 – Project Assumptions (1 mark) – submission in Discussions, then final URL in Journal
Task 3.3 – Project Charter (8 marks) – individual work in Journal only
Task 3.4 – Stakeholder Communication Strategies (3 marks) – submission in Discussions, then final version in Journal
Task 3.5 – Project Work Reflection (2 marks) – individual work in Journal only

Important Notes :
You must understand how Team Marks are calculated in this assignment. Watch the video.
Two important items to be posted to Discussions : Minutes and Rating Scores.
Every member must copy-and-paste Meeting Minutes into Journal so marks can be allocated.
The FINAL Rating Score sheet must be posted to Discussions as well, just before date due.

Your lecturer is the Project Sponsor/Owner. Each week during class time (or online meeting) your Project Sponsor will give you instructions. If appropriate, the Project Owner may issue new instructions to the team. Hence your attendance at these events is very important. For online students, it is important for you to listen to the recording before 12 noon the following day. As a team, you work to the instructions of the Product Owner and Team Leader (Scrum Master).

The Journal function in Interact2 is used to submit your work. External journal sites are not permitted. If your country geo-blocks Interact2 website or your circumstance prevents you from accessing the Internet (eg. due to a disability), please contact your lecturer immediately. If it is an office/organisation firewall preventing access, you must find an alternative Internet access point to complete this task.

Warning: Entering or editing data in this journal entry after 2359 hours on date due will result in the
deduction of marks.

Presentation Formatting Requirements:
See section below under Presentation


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

be able to critically evaluate how a practising ICT project manager applies ICT project management techniques, skills, methods and software tools in the IT profession.

be able to demonstrate an understanding of leadership qualities required to successfully lead a project.

be able to collaborate effectively with others in a team environment and contribute productively to team outputs.

be able to apply and analyse established ICT project management principles, skills and techniques to a case study.


CriteriaHDDICRPSFLTask 3.1 Team Logistics
Be able to identify, form a team and view the project from a member/leader
(2 marks)Provide evidence of your team members details as listed in the casebook.
And minutes of your first team meetings in both journal and discussions.
Submission of scores for team participation.N/AN/AEvidence provided was delayed/rushed (last minute posting as opposed to posting after each meeting) OR evidence presented was not in correct order. Missing team participation scores.Evidence presented was not satisfactory and did not meet requirements for the project.Task 3.2 Read the Case & Assumptions
Be able to critically analyse in a team and produce a list of assumptions from the viewpoint of a team leader
(1 mark)Be able to work in a team, discuss and analyse important factors that will be listed as assumptions. To produce this list in the journal.N/AN/A

Produced a list of assumptions but with mistakes or superficial from lack of communication or discussion with other team members.Unable to work in a team and/or did not produce a list of assumptions.Task 3.3 Project Charter
(Individual Task)
Be able to describe a mini-task within a project and provide a scope, identify critical success factors and completion of mini-tasks as stated in the casebook.
(8 marks)Be able to provide a scope, identification of critical success factors and completion of mini-tasks as stated in the casebook. Turnitin Report Cover Page included.Provision of all components but incorrect description in one of the components. Turnitin Report Cover Page included.Lacks detail (or description is unclear) in two of the components required in this task. Turnitin Report Cover Page included.Lacks detail in three or more of the components required in this task. Turnitin Report Cover Page included.Non-completion or minimal completion of mini-tasks. Turnitin Report Cover Page included.Task 3.4 Identifying Stakeholders & Communication
Be able to identify stakeholders and analyse and develop a current communication strategy
(3 marks)Be able to critically analyse an existing scenario and provide a unique communication activity.N/AAnalysis is incomplete or does not include important components that is in current plan.Analysis is incomplete or does not include important components that is in current plan.Inaccurate analysis and/or failure to present a strategy.Task 3.5 Case Reflection
(Individual Task)
Be able to reflect on and synthesise the key elements of the framework, knowledge areas and project success factors
(2 marks)Reflection covered all elements required. Both positive and negative lessons learnt related to project success factors.N/AN/AReflection did not cover all the key elements, knowledge areas or success factors.Reflection not done or synthesis not completed as required.Team Work Mark Adjustment
This is the field for adjustment of scores based on the Final Rating Sheet for this assignment.
These are scores assigned by other team members.Participated whole-heartedly and completely involved in all team meeting activities for this assignmentParticipated in most activities of the team for this assignmentParticipated in some activities of the team for this assignment.Attended or participated minimally in team meetings.Did not attend or participate in team meetings.


After you “Create Journal Entry”, please click “Post Entry”
You are given full editing rights even after you post – even the ability to delete that Post.
It will also enable the lecturer/marker to provide you with assistance prior to the deadline.
If you “Save Entry as Draft”, only you can see it and in the past, many students forget to
click on “Post Entry” which means you have not submitted your assignment at all when the
deadline has passed.
ALERT: IF you cut-and-paste from a word processor, you may have to adjust your

Journal Presentation Formatting Requirements are found here.
Click here for Instructions how to register Turn It In (done at the beginning of session only, and only once) &
Click here to find out how to declare Turn It In for your assignments in this subject


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Assessment tasks that are NOT completed through the Subject site need to be submitted electronically via Turnitin site by the due date. Turnitin class details for this subject will be given by your lecturer.

Unless advised otherwise, all Turnitin submissions are due by midnight (AEST) of the date specified. Please note that the time and the date of your Turnitin submission will be used to determine your official submission time.

All textual elements within an assessment must be submitted in a format that is readable by Turnitin.  Specific exceptions, where an assessment requires the insertion of image-based evidence of workings will be outlined in the context of the assessment. Students that deliberately attempt to insert the content of assessments in a format that is not readable by Turnitin may be subject to Academic misconduct investigations.

Additional Submission Information:

It is recommended that your namestudent ID and page number are included in the header or footer of every page of any assignment. You are also required to rename your assignment file before you submit via Turnitin as per below protocol:


Example – ITC218 SMI Adam 11554466 A1 202160.doc

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