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Assessment is an important part of instruction and planning. Early childhood edu

Assessment is an important part of instruction and planning. Early childhood educators must familiarize themselves with the various assessment types, purposes, methods, and tools. Different assessments can be used for a variety of purposes, including determining if each student achieved the desired outcomes of a lesson or evaluating data to determine if re-teaching needs to occur. Assessing students before, during, and after instruction guides the teacher in how to modify and adjust instruction to meet the various learning needs of students.
Imagine your principal has noticed how successful you are in using various types of assessments in your classroom and has asked you to present your knowledge in an upcoming professional development for K-3 grade level teachers.
Create a 12-15 slide digital presentation introducing the types and purposes of classroom assessments, and the use of assessment data to guide future instruction and the next steps in planning.
Address the following assessment types in your presentation:
For each assessment type, provide the following:
Brief description of the assessment type, including its purpose and connection to classroom instruction
Brief descriptions of at least three developmentally, culturally, linguistically, and ability appropriate strategies or tools for the assessment type
Additionally, include the following in your presentation:
Discuss the importance of using multiple methods of assessment to monitor student progress, provide descriptive and timely feedback, and guide decision-making.
Describe 2-3 technologies or digital tools that can be used to assess student learning, record assessment data, and/or communicate assessment information.
Describe 2-3 collaboration strategies for working with other teachers and specialists in assessing and diagnosing potential issues that may affect individual student learning.
Presenter’s notes are required for each content slide. Presentation must include a title slide at the beginning, and a reference slide with documentation of resources at the end. The title slide and reference slide are not included in the total number of slides.
Support your presentation with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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