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Assessment 3 – Media Assets (Portfolio)Working individuallyTask Description:The media assets (portfolio) should be the practical outputs that were included (at least foreshadowed)

Assessment 3 – Media Assets (Portfolio)
Working individually
Task Description:
The media assets (portfolio) should be the practical outputs that were included (at least foreshadowed) in the planning document (assignment 2). They should be logically connected and coherent and should respond to the OzHarvest brief. Where appropriate this includes colour palettes, format and theme. Use the follow up briefing session (on Zoom) to check any questions you have and check the rubric.
Your asset development will include the following:
1. video (one 60 second video) & short script using provided format (20%)
2. media release using provided format (one page / approx 300 words) (10%)
3. infographic / fact sheet (one page) (10%)
Workshops on Premiere Pro for video development have been held by MaPS and you were encouraged to enrol and attend. Alternately, you may use a Smart phone. For students in remote classes, or those who miss a place in the workshops, a range of dedicated video links are posted in resources and available on BB.
Lectures, BB materials, chapters and tutorials cover various aspects of the plan and asset development. A range of links and tips are also offered in OzHarvest’s original briefing document (these may assist with video style).  
This assessment task evaluates students’ abilities, skills and knowledge without the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Students are advised that the use of AI technologies to develop responses is strictly prohibited and may constitute student misconduct under the Student Code of Conduct.
Criteria & Marking:
This assignment will assess:
• How it responds to the brief
• Aligns with the plan (assignment 2)
• Storytelling ability
• Newsworthiness
• Ability to generate original, interesting UGC
• Visuality, layout & design
• Effectively combines multimedia
• Clear, concise writing style
• Formatted and timed/word length appropriately
• As per rubric
Video (20% with script)
Meets brief; Strong content; Original idea;
Original content; Strong storyline;
Appropriate music (copyright free); Strong visuals; Logical sequencing; Incorporates audio & vision; Good production standard/ quality; Adheres to time limit/length; Connects to /follows script; Attention to detail.
Meets brief; Original; Spelling/Grammar;
Presentation/layout & length; Audience relevance; Clear fluid writing style; Clarity of ideas; Incorporates vision & audio columns; Connects/follows video; Uses correct format (see tutorial 7); Attention to detail.
Fact Sheet/Infographic (10%)
Meets brief; Original; Strong content; Readability; Eye-catching visualization of data/clear visuals; Clear, important messages; Clear fluid writing style; Clarity of ideas; Layout, presentation & length; Spelling/Grammar; Attention to detail; Contact and source information included as footnote.
Media Release (10%)
Uses media release writing conventions and format; Newsworthy; Clear, concise and flows well; Clear, newsworthy headline (<8words); Clear, newsworthy lead or opening para (<25words); Strong quotes, appropriately structured and set out; Attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation & word length; Contact and source details included.
Additional information
Items 1 & 2: The video script will be written to outline and support your 60-second video. It should clearly outline the audio and visual elements of your video in the format covered in class. The video will include a combination of (or all) of the following: voice-over/music/graphics and vision. All content should be original, including music which must be copyright free, available at https://www(dot)bensound(dot)com/ or another free access source. The script should be modelled on the one covered in class in week 7 tutorial.
Item 3: You are free to choose either an Infographic or factsheet. Free Infographic software is available at Piktochart at https://piktochttps://www(dot)canva(dot)com/create/infographics/art.com/ or Canva at  or another of your choice. Note: this is a background document and does not announce news.
Item 4: The media release should be modeled on the template in the text and UQ news style (see news on UQ website). It should identify a newsworthy angle about the ‘Use it Up’ campaign. Note: this document should announce something newsworthy, with clear news angle.
Thank you for helping me finish this COMU2180 course assessment twice. And this is the final assignment of this semester, which is so important, so I trust you can do good on it because this assignment is closely related to the second piece of the work—the media plan. But the media plan you did last time seems to miss any critical parts, such as the media release and the infographic, which is regrettable because I believe you can do very well on it. ☺️So I uploaded the feedback about the media plan assignment for you to have better assistance in this portfolio assignment. This Portfolio assignment needs to include video and other assets more than writing; message me if you need me to help with the voice-over in the video when the script is over; thank you so much

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