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Assessment 2 Learning Outcomes After completing this assessment, the students s

Assessment 2
Learning Outcomes
After completing this
assessment, the students should be able to:
LO.1 Apply critical understanding of operational
trends, theories and frameworks associated with financial management,
marketing, and operations management used to translate strategy into
operational practice.
LO.4 Evaluate key aspects of practical and
achievable operational goals and objectives in order to deliver the desired
strategy outcomes.
Assessment guidelines
Produce a 3000-word report (+/-
10%) (Excluding the list of references) approaching the below task.
Choose your organization/or an organization you are familiar with,
identify an area of the organisation that would benefit from strategic change
and create a detailed strategic plan to implement this change over the coming
year. The plan should consider strategic and resource implications and will
evaluate how the organisation will operationalise the strategy. The report will
also identify any key challenges and risks associated with the change as well
as providing some key recommendations for the organisation. You are being
assessed on your ability to critically apply theory to practice and to
synthesise information.
Report Structure
1) Executive Summary:
(approx. 200 words) This should include a strategy statement and intention,
evaluation points and any implementation issues. The executive summary should
allow the reader to grasp the argument without having to read the entire
2) Introduction: (approx.
300 words) A short section setting out the format and structure of the report.
This should also set out key points and key findings of the report.
3) Strategic Aims and Intent: (approx. 300
words) Clearly identify the area for strategic change and consider what the
organisation needs to enhance its performance. – What is the issue you are
trying to address? – Produce 3 clear aims/objectives that the strategy will
work towards addressing
4) Stakeholder Analysis: (approx.
200 words) – The plan should identify stakeholders e.g. customers, suppliers
etc that will be impacted.
5) Strategic Capabilities:
(approx. 800 words) An evaluation of the strategic capabilities required to
operationalise the strategy. This should be an analysis of the resources and
processes required to translate strategy into practice. You will need to
consider the following areas using the concepts and theory covered in class; –
Human resources – Marketing and Communications – Project/operational resources
(including a Gantt Chart) – Financial Resources
6) Implementation and Control
(approx. 400 Words) Set out a plan for the strategy to take shape including an
approximated timeline with deliverables and methods for evaluating success e.g.
performance measurements.
7) Key Challenges: (approx. 400 words)
Critically consider barriers to operationalizing the strategy, this should include; – Feasibility analysis – Risk
8) Summary/Conclusion:
(approx. 300 words) Conclusions based on findings and recommendations. 9)

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Learning Outcomes
After completing this
assessment, the students s appeared first on essaynook.com.

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