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As the new financial manager of your company, listed in FTSE100, the CEO has ask

As the new financial manager of your company, listed in FTSE100, the CEO has asked you to prepare a report. The report should provide a brief analysis of the company’s performance as well as benefits of adopting International Accounting Standards to present at the upcoming board of directors’ meeting. The board of directors is planning to issue new shares to raise more capital for expansion. The CEO has asked that you assess the company’s performance against your company’s industry. Thus, to do this, you will need to use ratio analysis (Investment ratios) to determine areas in which the company is doing well, as well as areas that management should look at to improve.
Your company has recently adopted international accounting standards and the board wants to highlight the claim made by the IFRS foundation:
‘’The IFRS Foundation was founded on the belief that better information supports better economic and investment decisions. As a public interest organisation, we work to achieve this vision through the development of high-quality, global standards that result in corporate information that informs investment decisions. This work contributes towards efficient and resilient capital markets’’.
Critically discuss these claims by reflecting on the benefits of International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
Determine which company (from the FTSE100) you will analyse for the project. Your selection may be subject to your Lecturer’s approval. As such, be sure that the company has debt on its balance sheet, and it must be a dividend paying company. Go to the website for your company and download the reports for the most recent year. Perform your ratio analysis on your company, mostly related to investors. Be sure to present and discuss at least six relevant ratios that you may best assess the company’s performance. Using an online database, collect the ratio averages for your company’s industry to evaluate your company’s performance. Provide an analysis that compares your company’s ratios to the industry standards. There is no need to explain the purpose of the ratios. Rather, be sure to provide an interpretation of the results.
Your report should aim to provide Board of directors with a broad and introductory review of this area covering:
1. Introduction (150 words)
2. Main body discussions (1,500 words)
a) How do ratios might influence investment decision?
b) Calculate and interpret at least six Investment ratios and compare these ratios with industry average.
c) You are required to complete a report evaluating at least 3 International Accounting Standards. Specifically, you should choose the International Accounting Standard from the list attached.
IAS 1 IAS 7 IAS 8 IAS 10 IAS 16
IAS 2 IAS 37 IAS 38 IFRS 3 IFRS 10
3. Conclusion and recommendation (350 words)
4. Your own understandings of, comments on, arguments and contributions to the topic, and any other important issues which you think should be addressed.

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