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As an intern at one of the bustling taverns in the mystical realm of Hogwarts Sc

As an intern at one of the bustling taverns in the mystical realm of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, your role as a student of the Department of Wizarding Graduate Business Studies takes on a practical twist. Entrusted with a unique task that merges magic with data analysis, you’re set on unraveling the mysterious connection between Butterbeer consumption during study breaks, and evenings and the success of magical your magical business.
Equipped with your wand and parchment, your journey begins by employing decision analysis techniques to formulate a hypothesis that sheds light on this strong correlation. As you look at this interesting connection, what questions would you want answered? Why? How would you go about finding your information?  What suggestions for research, both magical and nonmagical, would you pursue? What do you think your findings might be?  Using that finding, what would you report to the tavern owner? How should they proceed?
As you delve into your imagination, conjure up scenarios and anecdotes that vividly illustrate how Butterbeer consumption impacts the fortune of your tavern. Throughout your exploration, clarity and coherence in your writing are paramount. Ensure that your arguments are supported by evidence from both the wizarding world and the principles of data analysis. Let your internship experience at the tavern provide practical insights into the real-world implications of Butterbeer consumption on business success.
Embrace the adventure and magic of this quest as you dive deeper into the enchanting realm of wizarding business studies. With each flick of your wand and stroke of your quill, uncover the secrets that lie beneath the frothy surface of Butterbeer and unveil the keys to prosperity in the mystical world of Hogwarts.
Note: basic requirements are a bit different. For full credit on the discussion forums, students must:
make an initial post (300 words minimum) responding to the discussion prompt questions  (15 points), you will need to support your answer but can use magical sources retrieved from that amazing tool called the Wizarding Web. (ie you do not need scholarly sources for this post)

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