Applied Sciences 2720 SS Module 1 Assignment: Groups

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Module 1 Assignment: Groups

Overview:For this assignment, you will create a visual presentation about groups. You will have the option of creating an infographic, brochure, or a slide (PowerPoint) presentation. Please follow the instructions below, and be sure to adhere to APA formatting guidelines.For more information about APA formatting, please visit the APA Resources folder in the Student Resources course menu tab.*To view the grading rubric for this assignment, click on the name of the assignment and click “View Rubric”
Instructions:For this assignment, you will describe types of groups and group development theories as well as explain the benefits of studying group dynamics. Complete the following:

Create one of the following:

Slide Presentation


Answer the following in your presentation:

What is a group?
Describe two different types of groups.
How are groups formed?
Describe 2 different theories of how groups are formed, then choose which theory you feel best describes group development.
Explain the benefits of understanding group dynamics.
Include narrative and effective images.


If you obtain information or images from another resource, be sure to properly cite your work using APA format.


Submit your file to this assignment (click on the title of the assignment above).

If you have any questions, please ask your professor.
Resources:See the document below for resources on how to create an infographic, brochure, or slide presentation: 

  ‘How To’ Resources for Multimedia Content.pdf


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