ANU Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese and Violence Cameos and Homage Paper

Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese and Violence, Cameos and Homage:

Be sure to include link to scenes and/or films that you reference and to support your work.

1. How does Quentin Tarantino approach violence on screen in a way that is different from Scorsese’s approach? Are there similarities between the two approaches?

2. How does each director’s frequent cameos in their work function? Is their cameo serving a purpose in the film? Is it taking away from the film? Are there other directors who have made consistent cameos in their own work?

3. How does Tarantino’s philosophy and approach to homage (or referencing other films) differ from Scorsese’s? What do they have in common in the ways that they reference other films and filmmakers?

Need to be the length of about 1 page, 12 pt. standard font, and just normal spacing in Microsoft Word. Please submit a .pdf. and a Microsoft Word document





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