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Answer each component of the above question by constructing a clear thesis. The

Answer each component of the above question by constructing a clear thesis. The thesis equals your main
claim or assertion, along with supporting claims that make the overall argument persuasive. To substantiate
your argument and defend your position, you must use direct quotes from at least four different
required readingsfrom at least two weekly units [weeks one through three, through/including Lorena
You may incorporate more than the minimum quota of course reading direct quotes, and you may
paraphrase authors in addition to, not in lieu of the verbatim quotes. However, you may not use block
quotes (4 double-spaced lines or more from verbatim quotations indented and single-spaced). The best
essays skillfully use specific examples and quotes, engaging deeply with multiple readings and placing the
authors in dialogue. In short, compose an effective essay by substantiating your argument with the evidence
presented in the class materials, balancing your analysis and your voice with a mix of interwoven key quotes
and paraphrasing.
There is no “correct” answer to the question. You do not have to agree with the authors, but you
must address their theoretical concepts and analytical assertions. You may dispute the authors’ claims to
advance your thesis, make an original point, or briefly acknowledge a possible counter argument. You may
also quote the lectures and videos from throughout the quarter, but do not use any outside sources or refer
to current events or personal experiences.
To answer the midterm paper question, it may be helpful to consider: ethnicity; race; class;
gender; politics; language; pocho/pocha; rasquachismo/rasquache; values; political generations;
nepantla; Aztlán; internal colonialism; Chicanismo; Chicana feminism.
*Use the grading rubric on the next page as a general guideline + see posted on our Canvas course page
under “Midterm and Final Papers”: “ETST 002 Writing Guidelines.”
Technical Requirements/Formatting Directions: Do not use footnotes or endnotes. The author and page
number of each reading quoted or paraphrased must be cited in parentheses at the end of the sentence that
contains the quotation, such as: (García, p. 32)
Audiovisual material and other lecture citations should numerically specify the class month & date in
parentheses at the end of the sentence, such as: (Lecture, 7/9). Papers must be typed in 12-point Times
New Roman font, double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides of each page. Papers must have a
separate title page with an original paper title (concise, reflects thesis) and subtitle (creative, foreshadows
paper content), your name, and section number. Each page must be numbered except title page. No Works
Cited page is necessary. Including too many distracting typographical, grammatical, organizational, and/or
formatting errors will lower your grade, as will failing to follow these instructions. No plagiarism or AI
writing assistance.
*Print the Rubric (p. 2 of this assignment) and staple to the end of your paper.
•Papers must be four pages in length.
•Papers are due in class on Thursday, July 11 at the beginning of lecture

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