analysis all my sons movie

All My Sons Analysis Assignment

After you finish watching All My Sons, answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Your answers should explain how well you understand the story, the plot, its structure, the characters and the relevant action of the story/play. These questions are based on the lectures and power points provided in this weeks lesson.

Remember –

This week is an exercise in Story, Play Analysis and Structure

TITLE OF FILM: ______________________________________


A. Geographical location, including climate:

B. Date; year, season, time of day:


C. Economic environment (What is the ECONOMY like for the Characters? How does it affect them?)

D. Political environment (Who is IN- CHARGE in the relationships? Who or what has the power?)

E. Social environment (what are the characters SOCIAL NORMS? How/who do they CONDUCT themselves with? How does that affect the story)

F. Religious/Spiritual environment (what effect does RELIGION/ FAITH or the LACK OF RELIGION/FAITH play and affect your story?)

G. Who is the Protagonist -(Makes the Dramatic Action happen)_________________________________________

H. Who is the Antagonist- (Seeks to prevent the protagonist from their goal(s) _________________________________


1. Describe the Inciting Event (the event before the story starts that sets up the action.)

2. Describe the Stasis (how does the world of the story open and exist?)

3. Describe the Intrusion (that moment or event that provokes the present action into motion // breaks the stasis)

4. List the Major Complication (an event in the RA that creates further crisis for the protagonist but also often

clarifies purpose and direction for protagonist.

5. List 4 major events in the story’s Rising Action. (The specific dramatic events leading to climax)

6. Describe the major Crisis/Turning Point moment moments

7. Describe the Climax

8. List the Falling Action (The Events that lead to Resolution/Return to Stasis)

9. Describe the Resolution

10. Describe the new Stasis ( the way the world is now)


Please imagine that you are the director for an upcoming film adaptation of All My Sons. The Film version that you want to do is to still be set in 1946 after WWII but have have an all African American cast.

How would you cast the roles below with modern working African American actors that you feel would be a good choice to play these roles. And, how do you feel the story of All my sons would change when looked through the lens of an African American family living in 1946 Ohio. Please re-cast the roles below:






NOTE: You may NOT use Denzel Washington or Viola Davis for this mock casting portion of the assignment.





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