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all Prevention Program Project                         Due Date : 07/17/24 As yo

all Prevention Program Project                         Due Date : 07/17/24
As you investigated in your textbook, falls are a geriatric syndrome that is considerably important, and, devastating outcomes can result from a single event. When the elderly patient relies on an institution to keep them safe and they end up falling and injuring themselves, or worse, the event becomes very costly and there is a loss of confidence among all the parties involved. Fall prevention programs are now mandated among several accrediting agencies for all kinds of facilities and even have importance beyond the legal implications.
For the elderly, many institutions utilize many resources to establish programs that work and can really prevent these devastating events. Whether it is an acute care facility such as a hospital, Assisted Living Facility, Chronic long-term facility, Nursing home, home environments, or any other facility for the elderly they all have the same goal when it comes to falls. Many programs have been designed and no two are exactly the same. For decades healthcare professionals have been investigating falls in a particular facility or environment.
Review the Fall Project module for more information.
Development of a Fall Prevention Program
Safety for elders is always an overriding concern for healthcare delivery agents since without a safe environment the elder will be injured and therefore their health will decline. Considering the environment and the lack of safety could potentially result in a fall. Fall prevention programs are always being developed for the safety of the elder in different environments. The following assignment will enlighten you as to the elements of a good, evidence-based fall prevention program.
Read up about falls in a particular environment of your choosing.
Develop a story about a patient: you decide the age, sex, past medical history.
Once you have a background, you can start developing your prevention program now based on one of your patients/residents (granted if you pick a hospital there could be any age but remember you want to base this on an elderly person).
Begin your paper with the place you choose and how it will approach the safety of the organization, then introduce the patient you have and how that person will be safer and how they will be screened in the system. You can then fill in the rest with the program you developed and how it will affect your patient and the rest of the patients in your facility.
Follow the  Grading Rubric 
as you develop this story.
Your paper should:
be 4-5 pages long, maybe longer if you want. (excluding the title page and references page)
must have at least three references that are from journals that are evidence-based and peer-reviewed journal.
Cite your sources – type references according to the APA Style GuideLinks to an external site..
Upload your file by clicking “Browse My computer” for Attached Files.
Here are the parts of your paper and you should start out by listing these first:
I. Introduction (name & place)
II. Fictitious patient
III. 3 instruments (eg. TUG, MMSE, Medications, etc.)
IV. Fictitious results (results realistic)
V. Intrinsic/Extrinsic factors
VI. Resources for establishing the program
VII. How will you institute the program
Criteria Points
The name of the program? (maybe include an acronym) 0 to 10
0-10 points
What type of facility? (eg. hospital, nursing home, etc.) 0 to 10
0-10 points
Describe a ctitious patient that will experience the specic intrinsic and 
extrinsic risk factors as a geriatric syndrome of falls. (PMH: Make up what you
need to for the report)
0 to 20 points
Name at least three (3) instruments or evaluations specic to the patient. 0 to 10
0-10 points
Give ctitious results that you believe that you will see with your ctitious
patient. (with results of instruments or tests)
0 to 10 points
What will you need to initiate the program? Anything from forms to personnel,
training, specialty items, etc
0 to 10 points
Risks: intrinsic/extrinsic the factors relevant to this particular situation 0 to 10
0-10 points
How will you institute the program you have developed 0 to 10
0-10 points
APA 7th edition compliant 0 to 10
0-10 points

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