Algae and Humans “Algae” is an informal term referring to groups of single-celle

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Algae and Humans
“Algae” is an informal term referring to groups of single-celled and multicellular eukaryotic, photosynthetic protists. Humans use algae and products derived from algae many ways.
Students are to describe the use and identify the algae by major grouping to Genus (and to species if possible) used for the five (5) ways identified in items 1 – 5 below. NOTE: you must identify the algae to Genus and species if possible. For example, if this assignment required identifying algae used in medicine, it would not be sufficient to identify simply “Brown Algae” or “kelp” which is considered a major group. Although you should indicate these major groupings, you have to identify the Genus and species of kelp i.e. Saccharina japonica (the Genus name is Saccharina and the species name is japonica) used for medicine. Each item must be completed by typing at least four sentences along with at least one citation (reference) for each item. Cite articles by identifying the title, author’s names, dates and articles publisher. (Example: Enzymes as Dietary Supplements, Mary Stockbridge, January 2015, New England Journal). Cite internet sources by identifying as much as the same that is available and including the internet link. (Example: Digestive Enzymes and Digestive Enzyme Supplements, Johns Hopkins Medicine, ( Wikipedia is not an acceptable source nor is just a link sufficient.
This assignment is worth 100 points and each item is worth 20 points. A minimum of five (5) points will be deducted per item if these instructions are not followed (i.e. identifying algae to Genus, insufficient citation, minimum number of sentences). Thus for each item five (5) points will be deducted for incomplete identification, five (5) points for improper citation, and five (5) points for not typing the minimum number of sentences 1. Food 2. Carrageenan 3. Alginic acid 4. Agar
5. Diatomaceous earth

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