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About This Assignment Students will analyze the assigned cases to draw connectio

About This Assignment
Students will analyze the assigned cases to draw connections and conclusions about supply chain issues. Using the assigned template, students will create a PowerPoint slide deck that answers all of the assigned questions considering internal integration, external integration, and connections to their experiences.
Internal Integration: Demonstration of mastery of concepts and principles as was seen from the course materials (articles, cases, other participants’ postings, videos shown, etc.). 
External Integration: Demonstration of mastery of tying the concepts and principles learned in the course to outside materials (articles, cases, other participants’ postings, videos, consultant white papers, TED talks, documentaries, etc). 
Connection to Experiences: In this aspect, the students connect their past work experiences (and personal life experiences) to the concepts and principles in the course.
Read the assigned cases.
Download the Case Analysis Presentation Template Download Case Analysis Presentation Template.
Review the Key Tips for Case AnalysisLinks to an external site. Google Document. 
Use the Powerpoint template document to answer the four assignment questions below. 
Your case presentation should address the following assignment questions:
On page 6 is a high-level diagram of Obermeyer’s supply chain.  Using case information and intermediaries from the “Who’s Who in the Global Supply Chain” video, redraw this diagram showing the complexity of this global supply chain.
Exhibit 3 shows that Obermeyer experienced a decrease in SKUs of women’s parkas during the period of 1987/88 – 1992/93.  The Marketing Department was probably unhappy with this development while the operations personnel were likely happy.  Why?
The case indicates that some production is likely to shift from Hong Kong to China.  Exhibit 8 provides a cost comparison of operations in Hong Kong and China.  What underlying assumptions is Obermeyer making about increased production in China?
Does Sport Obermeyer, Ltd. have an effective and efficient global supply chain?
Upload your completed Powerpoint presentation AND your video recording of your presentation that provides details of your responses and thoughts on the assignment questions.
The Case Analysis Presentation will be evaluated with the Case Analysis Rubric.
Academic Integrity
Getting help from your peers on the assignment is not permitted.
Collaborating, or completing the assignment with others in the class, is not permitted.
Copying or reusing previous work is not permitted.
Open-book research for the assignment is permitted and encouraged.

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Students will analyze the assigned cases to draw connectio appeared first on essaynook.com.

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