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A. Purpose of the assessment This assessment will develop the skills and knowledge required to create display and video advertising campaigns and advertisements (ads) using a variety of platfo

1. Assessment Information

A. Purpose of the assessment

This assessment will develop the skills and knowledge required to create display and video advertising campaigns and advertisements (ads) using a variety of platforms to evaluate their impact and performance.

The assessment for this unit is designed to help you gather evidence of your competence against the requirements of the unit of competency. Your evidence may take a variety of forms and must be:

  • Authentic – your own work
  • Valid – related to the competency
  • Sufficient – appropriate quantity and quality
  • Current – recent proof of your skills and knowledge

B. Competencies being assessed


To achieve competency in this unit you must demonstrate your ability to:

  1. Develop a display and video advertising strategy
  2. Develop a budget for display and video advertising
  3. Create display and video advertising campaigns
  4. Measure success of display and video advertising strategies

Performance Evidence

You must show evidence that you have completed the following tasks:

  • Created a YouTube video advertising campaign and identified an ad format available for Google’s Video network
  • Created a display advertising campaign and identified ad formats available for Google’s Display network.
  • Managed display and video advertising over the length of the campaign
  • Reported on the effectiveness of display and video advertising campaign by retrieving and analyzing reports in Google Ads and Google Analytics

Knowledge Evidence

To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, you must demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Concepts of display and video marketing
  • Types of display and video platforms including Google Ads, Facebook, Sizmek, and TubeMogul
  • Advertising buying mechanisms and psychology, including:
  • Audience insights
  • Buyer journeys
  • Buyer personas
  • Conversion paths
  • Engagement principles
  • Frequency and memorability
  • Programmatic advertising principles:
  • Viewability
  • Ad auctions
  • Ad formats
  • Ad networks & placements
  • Ad blocking technologies
  • Reach and frequency planning
  • Campaign planning for video and display advertising including:
  • concepts
  • development
  • objectives
  • campaign analysis
  • Ad formats and creation techniques for display and video
  • Campaign bidding approaches including:
  • CPM
  • vCPM
  • CPV
  • CPC
  • Remarketing advertising techniques
  • Advanced programmatic and video advertising techniques:
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
  • Automation and rules
  • Targeting techniques including audience, contextual, advanced and targeting exclusion
  • Campaign creation and optimization including:
  • Landing page features and requirements and sales functions
  • Budgeting techniques for fixed term and ongoing projects
  • Key provisions of legislation, regulations, codes of practice and ethical considerations which impact on display and video advertising, including:
  • The Australian Consumer Law (ACL)
  • Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)
  • Australian Privacy Principles
  • ACCC Media Code of Conduct
  • Australian Copyright Act 1968 and Amendment Act 20006
  • Anti-Spam law (Spam Act 2003)
  • Rights and legislation under IP Australia related to domain registration, trade mark and design registration
  • Ad policies set by advertiser platforms, such as Google Ads policies
  • Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) Code of Ethics.

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