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A. Description (15 pts) Describe the non-western healing system. What is the sys

A. Description (15 pts)
Describe the non-western healing system. What is the system based on and where does it originate? If the origin is not known – at least list where it is thought to originate. What type of diseases does it treat and/or heal?
B. Practitioners (15 pts)
Who are the practitioners and how do they achieve their position (for example – formal training, born into it, a specific experience, etc.)?
C. Worldview and Integration with Biomedicine (15 pts)
Based on your study of this non-western healing system what are the two most important cultural concepts of the world-view of patients of this system that would need to be understood by biomedical doctors if they are also treating the same patients in US hospitals. For example some cultures do not recognize the same symptoms as treatable health problems and don’t seek biomedical care for them.
D. Your Community (15 pts)
Where is the closest practitioner of this type of healing to where you live? You can search for your system and your town or just the system and NJ and you should find sources. We have some version of almost every health system here. Based on your answer to Discussion Question 1b (about health problems in your community) – would this healer be able to help address the problems you wrote about in 1b – explain why or why not.
The other sources should be first hand materials from books, journals, or other academic sources. Do not use Wikipidea, About.com, or other second or third hand sources. If you are unsure about sources, feel free to email me. You can use any style for citations. Your paper should include a work cited or reference page (read Final Paper – READ THIS BEFORE WRITING for information about citing). The paper can be posted into Canvas and/or emailed.
If you have any questions or problems at any time during the course email me. I will try to respond with a day if possible.
You are expected to observe the University’s standards for academic behavior. Any student suspected of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Provost’s Office.

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Describe the non-western healing system. What is the sys appeared first on essaynook.com.

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